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  1. happykeeper

    Eruption Update

    Aloha from Hawaii Island, Thanks to everyone for their interest and concern. It's been an active time on the island as Pele goes through some dramatic changes. The lava lake first opened up on the summit of Kilauea in 2007-08 and for the last decade has shared the spotlight with Pu'u O'o, the...
  2. happykeeper

    InnGenious All in One PMS

    Is anyone using this? Has anyone looked at it? It looks very attractive and I was hoping to find anyone who may have had ResKey and switched.
  3. happykeeper

    Online Reservation System Comparisons

    Well- the last thing I want to do is change reservation systems, but if we decide to work with one or two OTA's, we have to look at the options. I did one of those call up walk through on a reservation system called Book It Now so I could compare it to what we use currently RES Key. Their setup...
  4. happykeeper

    The Changing Landscape

    Aloha all! Boy it has been a long long time since I checked in. I was thinking about how much has happened for us during that time and I was reminded how much has happened for the industry as a whole. The landscape is changing so fast it seems a bullet train would be the best analogy. In our...
  5. happykeeper

    A Silk Purse

    So... yesterday morning we woke to our guests informing us that the showers did not have hot water. Outside to have look.. yest the water heater burst...cold showers for the morning... dash to get water heater (4 hours roundtrip_ ...get the old out.. get the plumber there.. get the new in...
  6. happykeeper

    Looking for tips on a RES KEY change

    I am thinking of creating a pop-up with information guests have to consent to. Does anyone have that now?
  7. happykeeper

    What a Difference a Day Makes

    We changed our policy last year to a two night minimum and we are feeling the full impact of that this year. I know it is a luxury to be able to do it, but it really did get rid of a lot of stress we did not always realize we were experiencing. That feeling that our guests are somehow missing...
  8. happykeeper

    Reservation Key is down?

    3:58 HST Takes a long time after log in and then will not load calendar or other pages
  9. happykeeper

    Blog Fun

    So we began our travel blog... We have it tucked away on The Blogs page. Over time we will see if we can make the blogs more interactive. We have had some fun with it. We have a fair amount of travel ahead, but we will add some recaps of food and stuff. Once we plant ourselves down again, we are...
  10. happykeeper


    What's going to be on your Do-Do List? Just starting to think about the list for maintenance, repairs, and upgrades that need to get done before we reopen. Water pump repair or replacement. It's the older of two, so probably will replace Ice Maker replacement. It didn't shut off and made a...
  11. happykeeper

    Measuring an inn's business

    For my own benefit, I decided to go through some of these terms to understand better what the heck I am talking about without getting all these terms jumbled around in my head. Seemed like it was worth sharing. I thought the best place to start was: Room Inventory – the volume of rooms...
  12. happykeeper

    Who will Survive?

    This is a very sad and frightening reminder for new innkeepers of why it is important to diversify your branding to the extent that you are able. Whether it is adding elopements, getting into the wedding business, adding a culinary component, or building around your skill sets, finding a way to...
  13. happykeeper

    Breaking down the perfect review

    We received what I think is perfect review. I thought it might be worth sharing why I thought so. Perhaps it will help those that are beginning or getting ready to start think about how a specific written marketing plan comes to fruition. Experience the ...(location).........away from the...
  14. happykeeper

    Stand by your gadget!

    This got started on another thread and I thought it was fun enough to break out on its own. What's the oddball kitchen gadget you love the most? Or the one that does a singular task the best? Or the one you repurposed?
  15. happykeeper

    More THEN... and NOW

    The Innkeeper's Wayback machine continues.
  16. happykeeper

    Then....and Now

    When you find yourself in the INNKEEPERS WAY BACK MACHINE, what is the difference between then and now?
  17. happykeeper


    A while back, I was introduced to the Association of Innkeeping and Hospitality Professionals on this forum. I took a look at what they were doing and gave it a fair amount of thought over the course of a few weeks. After getting a sense of where they might want to go and given the relatively...
  18. happykeeper

    What happens when you reach your goal?

    I have been thinking a fair amount lately about where we go next. When I searched, "What to do when your business reaches it goals.", I was greeted with endless articles about how to reach your goals. I tried to refine my intent a little yet each search resulted in assumption that the goal has...
  19. happykeeper

    Delayed in Denver and Grateful

    We're on our way home. Currently in the club looking at the Rocky Mountains. Grateful for having had the chance to meet some great innkeepers and for them to have a chance to meet my husband. Exceptional hospitality from Mary. Fun meeting the gang. Glad to drive Arks car. :) That explains why it...
  20. happykeeper

    Did you see this JH?