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  1. mjsgeorgia

    Website review request from rookie

    Since we are a new B&B (6 months) just wanted to ask the more experienced innkeepers to review our website and suggest changes, especially ones that might improve our SEO. It's a case of my brother helping to set up the website, which I think looks great, but he didn't know much about SEO so...
  2. mjsgeorgia

    Traffic ranking on Alexa?

    I checked our place on Alexa but don't understand the results...what does that traffic ranking number mean? Mary Jo
  3. mjsgeorgia

    Recipes for Two?

    It seems like all my good recipes are for 6-10 people. Anyone want to share any good breakfast recipes just for two people? Trying to lose weight, don't need all those yummy leftovers...Thanks! Mary Jo
  4. mjsgeorgia

    Oatmeal Popular?

    Since I'm a rookie, just wondering if oatmeal is popular in the cooler months. Today was our first really cool monrning in the N. Georgia mts. (44 degrees...hallalujah!) and I like oatmeal but just wondered if guests do. Any good recipes? Have any of you tried the overnight in the crock pot...
  5. mjsgeorgia

    Thanks from new B&B!!

    Just wanted to say thanks from a new B&B, Aska Lodge, in Blue Ridge, Georgia. We opened in May 2008 and I wish we had found this site then. Just stumbled on it last week, and already have had many of our "what ifs" and "how to handle" questions answered. guys are awesome! It's so...