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  1. Somewhere in Paradise

    guest admits damage

    Hi everyone. I am in a big dilema on what to do with this situation... We almost experience some type of damage from each guest, usually small - like a broken glass, broken beach chair, beach towel left in rental car, etc. usually just enough to irriate, but not enough to call a guest about it...
  2. Somewhere in Paradise

    Guests that never leave

    We get mostly what alot of you cringe about. Long term guests. Most people stay here for 7 nights or more. I don't really mind most of the time because they are out and about. However sometimes we get what we call a "porch sitter" who it seems to us came all the way here just to sit on the...
  3. Somewhere in Paradise

    Amenites for children

    For those of you who allow children or even try to woo parents with kids - What type of things do you offer? For example pack n plays, highchairs, infant baths, toys, swingsets, access to laundry? Do you feel that offering these items increases your bookings? Do you charge for them? I know from...
  4. Somewhere in Paradise

    Obvious observations from the oblivious

    So I had some guests stay here and they wrote about us on thier blog. They said that we are doing this so we can pay the mortgage and we should be ashamed of ourselves for doing that. Well DUH !! of course we do this to pay the bills. What are some of the more obvious obeservations from the...
  5. Somewhere in Paradise

    Linens for owners

    As I was at the store buying more brand new linens for my guest rooms the other day started to get a little upset that I was using linens that were ruined by guests for myself. I decieded right there at the store that I was going to from now on buy myself new linens for my quarters and if guests...
  6. Somewhere in Paradise

    Need someone to pay you to help out ?

    Here is a way to get paid for help!
  7. Somewhere in Paradise

    what time do you start making noise?

    what time you guys try to stay quiet until? I try for the sake of guests that want to sleep in, but work needs to get done. What do you consider appropriate? for laundry, cleaning of rooms, etc.
  8. Somewhere in Paradise

    Ruined linens

    I have been lurking for awhile on this website and want to thank everyone for all the great tips so far! This is a problem I have been encountering more and more - It seems like every check-out I have comes with a set of ruined sheets. It is usually in the form of 2 large yellow spots about the...