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  1. mjsgeorgia


    I extended the hand of friendship to Adele yesterday, in hopes that she didn't think all innkeepers were like some of the ones she's come in contact with on this forum. We talked on the phone, and mostly, she was shocked at the reception she received. As a casual observer, I was puzzled and...
  2. mjsgeorgia

    Website review request from rookie

    Just wanted to thank you all for your great suggestions...we've made some changes already and are working on others. Attacking Swirt's list of suggestions has become a priority! Thank you again Swirt for your help...we REALLY appreciate it.
  3. mjsgeorgia

    Our house sold.....our adventure begins

    Hallujah! You must be so relieved to have sold your house, that's great! Now the search begins...enjoy the adventure. I know you'll find the perfect place!
  4. mjsgeorgia

    First Guests

    We were so nervous with our first guests 6 months ago, but we must not have showed it because they just came back for a second time for 4 nights...we must have done something right! Of course we've made mistakes but B&B guests are mostly a different breed, kind and understanding! We love being...
  5. mjsgeorgia

    Asheville, NC

    We've stayed at the Inn on Mill Creek, which is only 20 min. from Asheville, it was lovely! Beautiful setting in the Black Mts. They do have rooms that accommodate more than 2 people, too. Mary Jo
  6. mjsgeorgia

    I learned something new today

    Makes you thankful you don't live that way, doesn't it? I'm like to appreciate all the good things.
  7. mjsgeorgia

    Help with blog

    Hi Bree, I just posted a comment...took me two tries. Didn't work with Anonymous profile, so I just picked Google acct. and it worked. So glad to see Flat Stanley is still traveling around...he made it through Florida etc. when our kids were small, now they're 23 and 21! Mary Jo
  8. mjsgeorgia

    We've opened............

    Congrats! Enjoy every moment!
  9. mjsgeorgia

    Pot Luck in a hurry

    How 'bout Piggy Pudding? No lie, it's Paula Deen's recipe and that's what she calls it! I sometimes make it for guests but we've been searching for a better name... it's great since it's only 3 ingredients and tastes great...our guests have loved it! Piggy Pudding 16 link pork sausages 4-5...
  10. mjsgeorgia

    Website review request from rookie

    I'll admit I don't understand the above this something I can fix (the missing doctype) or do I just need to find a better webdesign person to fix it for me?
  11. mjsgeorgia

    Website review request from rookie

    In your mind, what would you consider the major directories? Right now we're on and
  12. mjsgeorgia

    Website review request from rookie

    Ouch! Well, I have to say I asked for it! I'll admit all this info is a bit overwhelming, but EXTREMELY informative! Thank you SWIRT for being so generous with your time and wisdom...we really appreciate your advice! Hopefully this will help not only us but prevent others from making the...
  13. mjsgeorgia

    Website review request from rookie

    Since we are a new B&B (6 months) just wanted to ask the more experienced innkeepers to review our website and suggest changes, especially ones that might improve our SEO. It's a case of my brother helping to set up the website, which I think looks great, but he didn't know much about SEO so...
  14. mjsgeorgia

    First TA Review

    Congratulations! We stayed in a B&B up in Prince Edward Island over 20 years ago...BEAUTIFUL country! It's awesome that you know so much about the history of your house...very cool. Mary Jo PS - I kinda like the butterflies!
  15. mjsgeorgia

    Lodging Tax Rate

    10% - 3% is lodging tax
  16. mjsgeorgia

    I may be done...

    I have a recipe from another B&B where you use the frozen gluten free waffles and make french toast with those...haven't tried it but sounds like a good idea! Mary Jo
  17. mjsgeorgia

    Traffic ranking on Alexa?

    I checked our place on Alexa but don't understand the results...what does that traffic ranking number mean? Mary Jo
  18. mjsgeorgia

    Green tomato recipes?

    I made it yesterday AM and used just 1 green tomato, it came out great...many compliments! You're right, though, 2 tomatoes seems like too much. Mary Jo
  19. mjsgeorgia

    Home Sweet Inn

    Welcome from another new innkeeper...keep the faith and things will work out! Mary Jo
  20. mjsgeorgia

    Green tomato recipes?

    That's what happened, I previewed it. Just edited it...think it's right now.