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  1. trishany

    Bree, I APOLOGIZE.

    IT WAS NOT BREE. I know this comes a lot too late, but it was NOT BREE.
  2. trishany


    Hi, just read your review on tripadvisor. Thought you were above this. As we all know, any action we take has a consequence. Swirt, I will email you.
  3. trishany

    Guests from New York

    Are the best. They appreciate the sheets, the gourmet breakfast, the quietness, the saints, etc. Wish all our guests were from New York. You have to have a very, high-class B&B to make them happy.
  4. trishany

    Feel So Good

    ur last guests have left, AND they were the most memorable couple ever -- they have saint bernards -- won't get into it, but it's very, very unbelievable. I just know that we are here in this B&B cause we are supposed to be here -- too many connections with guests (just TOO many). Anybody...
  5. trishany


    Anybody ever do Isagenix? I went to my local deli about 2 weeks ago to pick up some stuff and said hi to Tracey, the owner. She is chubby. I went there today to pick up some orange juice. Tracey was not Tracey. I said "Tracey, you look great, how much weight did you lose?" She said 28...
  6. trishany


    Our guests last weekend and this weekend pulled out the comforters from their closets. It's getting coooold here now. The comforters were in those nice plastic carriers that they come in when you get them new. Well, needless to say the carriers are all ripped apart now. So, what would you...
  7. trishany

    Hi Swirt, What do you think about adding a "B&B decorating" forum?

    We could all exchange ideas on changing and/or updating our B&B's. We could post pictures, and know everyone's opinions. I think it would be a great help.
  8. trishany

    Hi Swirt,

    I've answered some posts, none are showing up.
  9. trishany

    The Same LITTLE, gorgeous 3-year old guest with our BIG, gorgeous 4-year old boy
  10. trishany

    If you have dogs at your B&B.........

    We thought our two (smooth coated saints) would be a biiiiggg disadvantage. We even put up doors to keep the dogs out of the guest areas. When guests arrive at the door, I ask them if the would like a tour or if they would like to go directly to their room. They say "no, we want to see the...
  11. trishany

    Do you strictly enforce your cancellation policy?

    We've had two cancellations out of alot of guests in the time frames that we could charge. These couples had very good reasons to cancel. Just couldn't enforce. I sent both back their deposits. We did fill their rooms, though.
  12. trishany

    Anybody Join "Select Registry"

    One guest told me about this site and I never heard of it.
  13. trishany

    The "Spirit" of an Innkeeper

    First, be happy that you have the opportunity to meet so many different people, from so many different walks of life. And don't be weirded out if you have alot of things in common -- it's a VERY small world. Second, know who you are expecting (call them if they don't show up at the time they say...
  14. trishany

    We Have a Two Night Minimum on Weekends...But

    we have people calling from the same county in Ireland as my parents are from who want just ONE night! (we advertise that our B&B has an Irish Flair) Just to be sure, I very nicely ask them what shops they know in that county, the names of the pubs, the name of the Church, and my uncles (there...
  15. trishany

    I was alway one to keep myself looking good

    BUT, with changing beds, washing towels, etc. I want to take off EVERYTHING and put on a little shift kind of thing. But, I can't, cause the guests are in and out, and if they saw me, they would not show up for breakfast the next morning cause of nightmares!~ lol. I feel like a basketball...
  16. trishany

    Guest who seem very standoffish at first.............

    But then they turn out to be the nicest people in the world! One couple came, and HE wouldn't even look at me! When I talk to people, I look at them in their eyes. I don't even know what color his eyes were, cause he never looked at me. Very odd, to me. SHE was a little bit better. I thought...
  17. trishany

    Would one of those little wine fridges.....

    double as a fridge for left over sandwiches, sodas, etc.?
  18. trishany

    Make-up Removers

    WEREN'T from American Hotel, as I posted earlier. Anbody know of another supplier? I can't remember where I got these from, and I've been searching.
  19. trishany

    Just want to get this right regarding allowing service dogs in your B&B......

    which will probably never happen. BUT, if it does happen, AND, if a guest appears at your door with a service dog, who has made reservations in advance, but didn't tell you about the dog, you can deny them because the service dog can "potentially" be disruptive?