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  1. Somewhere in Paradise

    The Year of Me

    I loved this article! I am going to open that "special"bottle of bubble bath, pour that "special" glass of wine (in the fancy crystal of course), light that fancy candle ! I am even guilty of holding on to "special" things for so long that they have gone bad. Thank you for showing us how to make...
  2. Somewhere in Paradise

    guest admits damage

    Update on this one. I sent the guest a very sweet email telling him that I wanted to come up with a fair amount without risking losing him as a guest. I told him the rug cost 100.00 and let him decide what he thought was fair. He mailed the check within a few days and it cleared. I guess the...
  3. Somewhere in Paradise

    Why It’s a Mistake To Ration The Orange Juice

    I have seen carafes set in crushed ice.
  4. Somewhere in Paradise

    Interesting idea for Jacuzzi tubs or tubs in general...

    This is an interesting idea. I think something like this would work on the spare blankets in the closet too.
  5. Somewhere in Paradise

    Did you have a mentor?

    I do not have an offical mentor either. I would say this forum helps a great deal and also the guests have mentored me in a way.
  6. Somewhere in Paradise

    Dust Bunnies

    Yes, there is something about "other peoples dirt" that really gets people all worked up . Could be dirt from the same place (for the beach for example) dragged in by someone else, but still it does belong to someone else so its gross.
  7. Somewhere in Paradise

    Age Minimum

    You are right. I never thought about it that way.
  8. Somewhere in Paradise

    Age Minimum

    I don't have a stated minimum age. I just follow my gut. I would never say that is why I am not renting to them. I would be afraid of a discrimination lawsuit.
  9. Somewhere in Paradise

    Positioning a TV?

    Would one of those lazy susan type things that you can pull out of the dresser they have in hotel rooms work? I am not sure where you would buy one - sorry.
  10. Somewhere in Paradise

    Renting space for parties.

    She must be nuts. maybe she IS charging a thousand a night?
  11. Somewhere in Paradise

    Room cleanliness

    I don't think it is quite as labor intesive for me as it would be for other innkeepers because my guests usually stay for at least 5 nights. I could not imagine doing it for 1 night stays, etc.
  12. Somewhere in Paradise

    guest admits damage

    wow you guys are good! I feel better already! What do you think if I offered the money he paid towards replacing the rug towards his next visit ? Assuming he will be staying a week or so next time?
  13. Somewhere in Paradise

    Room cleanliness

    Now I am going to sound a bit like a freak, but I always bring those disposable dishwashing rags with me - Dawn wash n toss knockoffs that you can get at the dollar store. I wash the glasses and the coffee pot with that and hot water. As for the accomodations I offer to my guests I wash...
  14. Somewhere in Paradise

    guest admits damage

    Hi everyone. I am in a big dilema on what to do with this situation... We almost experience some type of damage from each guest, usually small - like a broken glass, broken beach chair, beach towel left in rental car, etc. usually just enough to irriate, but not enough to call a guest about it...
  15. Somewhere in Paradise

    For those who offer iced tea/lemonade

    I have seen those at Costco. I have seen them used in spas. They put water and lemon, lime and orange slices and sometimes mint in them along with ice. It works good because when the ice melts you can just add more ice - you can't water down water! And water and ice are pretty cheap. Maybe you...
  16. Somewhere in Paradise

    I just threw people out of my house!!!

    Make sure you take alot pictures to prove your case when you sue them for damages.
  17. Somewhere in Paradise

    Unhappy Camper

    I would still leave the smoking and candles and kids and pets policy for someplace else on your website. I would keep your cancellation policy as short and as easy to understand as possible.
  18. Somewhere in Paradise

    What bugs you? Innkeeping pet peeves

    It drives me crazy when I go to the effort of putting together a very short easy to understand "operating" manual - It is only one page , and I put the key in the plastic sheet protector - and guests don't bother to read it. Then they constantly ask questions that can be easily addressed if they...
  19. Somewhere in Paradise

    Unhappy Camper

    I don't want to come across as mean, but your cancellation policy is very confusing. you have house rules mixed in with cancel policies. Maybe you would simplify a little: Credit Card deposit of one night required to hold space. Cancellation less that 48 hours prior to arrival are non-refundable...
  20. Somewhere in Paradise

    The quest for wellness

    run in there and open the windows and spray lysol everywhere - bed, bathroom, knobs as fast as you can. Then come out and wash your hands in super hot water. Then wait as long as possible (at least a day) before going back in there. I think cold viruses can only live about 24 hours. Definately...