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  1. Breakfast Diva

    Ugh, I bought the wrong stuff

    I was rushing through Costco and grabbed what I thought was my usual bags of pork sausage links. Got home and quickly threw them in the freezer. I pulled one out this morning and it's large, Mild Italian Sausage Links. Doh! Not exactly a breakfast item. Does anyone have some clever ideas how I...
  2. Breakfast Diva

    I've been raised from the dead...

    It's nice to be back and see some old faces around here! I'm still alive and kicking, but barely. Life has thrown some big curve balls. Divorce (yeah!) Retirement for a couple of years (yeah!) Travel (yeah!) Move to another state (yeah!) Onsite managers for the b&b (oh boy...definitely not...
  3. Breakfast Diva

    The Countdown Starts...

  4. Breakfast Diva

    A Different Way of Marketing

    Market to the unhappy people. No, not the PITAS, but to those people whose experiences have fallen short of their expectations. You know, those people like in the other thread who maybe didn't get the appropriate response when an issue was brought to the attention of the owner/hotel/b&b, etc...
  5. Breakfast Diva

    Guest Problems

    This is very important information we need to absorb. It's also why many guests fail to approach us personally and would rather write negative things in reviews. It's not always about us, but more about what experiences they've had in the past. Why Your Guests Won't Tell You When They Have an Issue
  6. Breakfast Diva

    GF Test

    Sometimes we don't know what foods contain gluten. Here's a test that you might find interesting and informative! The gluten free test
  7. Breakfast Diva

    Warning to Aspiring about Insurance

    One of my duties for an organization I'm in is to inspect new member's b&b. Yesterday I did an inspection of a very lovely 2 room b&b that has a new owner, purchased 8 months ago. The owner is running into a major stumbling block. She can't get b&b insurance! The previous owners thought...
  8. Breakfast Diva

    WP Blogging Question

    I've just recently gone to a wp site where the blog is part of the site. Previously I used a google blogger site where I could write blog posts and schedule to have them post in the future. I'm not seeing this capability with the wp site. Is there some plug in or other alternative to have posts...
  9. Breakfast Diva

    It's a first!

    I just got an online reservation and they wrote this is the box that asks about dietary issues: "I, Jane, do not expect you to try to feed me. I have many food allergies."John can eat anything". Bless her heart for not putting the burden on me!
  10. Breakfast Diva

    Pet Policy

    After our recent renovation of our cottage we've made the decision to allow pets. Dogs only. I know this could go very wrong, but it can also big a big money maker for us. The cottage is our most expensive room and I would like to get a higher occupancy for it. It's now got 100% washable floors...
  11. Breakfast Diva

    Speaking of Innmate Meet ups

    I've been so frustrated typing with one finger due to my broken dominant arm, I've barely participated on the forum since coming back from Iceland. Iceland was amazing, even with breaking my arm! Besides the beauty of the country, my highlight was being able to meet JB & Mr. JB! The 4 of us...
  12. Breakfast Diva

    The answer is still no

    A few years ago I did a TA biz listing for 1 year. Did nothing for me. For those of you who see results, I'm glad for you. I do use Trip Connect and it's rarely clicked on. Maybe $1.50-$2.50 per month in click charges. I've had several conversations with my TA rep over the years. I must say...
  13. Breakfast Diva

    What I did for my slow season vacation...

    For the first time in 15 years we closed for an entire month in November. We love to travel and get very little time to do it. After a couple years of planning and saving, we took the #1 trip on my travel bucket list. Just thought I'd share some pics to help encourage you to take time for...
  14. Breakfast Diva

    Air Procedural Question

    I got an Air inquiry for our cottage for 3 nights. They wanted to know if there could/would be a discount if we treated it like a vacation rental with no breakfast or housekeeping. I responded back with a 'special offer' for him. Air gave me a message saying he had 24 hours to respond to my...
  15. Breakfast Diva

    What Do You Do All Day

    Especially for those folks on the forum who are aspiring innkeepers. We get this question a lot. Or something else like "oh, now you have the rest of the day to yourself once the guests leave". Here are a few of the many hats DH and I have worn in the last 24 hours: chef/baker host...
  16. Breakfast Diva

    How to Delete Duplicate Google+ Pages

    I know in previous threads some innkeepers haven't been able to straighten out their G+ pages. Here's a video from Acorn Internet Solutions that may help you out. Delete Duplicate Google+ Pages
  17. Breakfast Diva


    It's very possible that I'm going to get a corporate retreat offer which would take all my rooms for 3 nights. Their meeting would not be at my place, just housing business men. I met with 4 of them last night (stayed with us) and they are very respectful. Here's the problem. I have 1...
  18. Breakfast Diva

    What Was...

    Served for breakfast this morning? Just thought we needed an easy topic for a change. I find it fascinating what different b&bs serve. What was your menu this morning...
  19. Breakfast Diva

    A Beautiful Virginia Bed and Breakfast is Yours for $150 and an Essay

    The owners of The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast are offering the writer of an essay the chance to win their fabulous six room bed and breakfast in Rocky Mount Virginia. The adventure begins with a short 250 word essay about "What owning a bed and breakfast would mean to you" Read more for...
  20. Breakfast Diva

    Bamboo Sheets

    Do any of you have any experience with them? We're considering buying 1800 thread count bamboo sheets. Not cheap. If you use them, do they stain easily? Staining is the #1 reason why we have to buy new sheets.