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  1. MooseTrax

    Tell me what to say

    Bringing this over here from a different thread. The scenario is this: a guest has a room (or more than one room) booked for an extended stay. They cancel day of arrival but will still be coming in for the remainder of the stay. When they arrive they refuse to pay for the missed night(s). What...
  2. MooseTrax

    Unplanned day off

    We weren't planning on having tonight off or tomorrow morning. Got a 3 room cancellation at 5 PM and decided to just hang the sign out and call it a day. I guess I'll be happy tomorrow morning when I don't have to get up.
  3. MooseTrax

    Your 'insult' point?

    Do you have an 'insult point'? The point at which you feel the guest is insulting your product with the small amount of money they are willing to pay for it? Yesterday was the worst day so far this summer for that. Walk-ins, which we get a lot of, are willing to pay 2005 prices and I'm still...
  4. MooseTrax

    Guests who won't eat alone

    Here we sit, well into the breakfast hour and one guest is sitting in the common room waiting for other guests to wake up. We've offered him breakfast but he doesn't want to eat alone. That means all the rooms will show up at once and it'll be a scramble to get them all fed.
  5. MooseTrax

    Tipping Rooms?

    An odd question but I am wondering if you get tips do they seem to be in certain rooms or spread out? I ask because one room has been tip happy for a week. Just this one room no others. I am trying to think why this room and no others. Nothing about the guests is similar. The room is nice but...
  6. MooseTrax

    BIG mistake

    With all of the hotels that are offering discounts, why would anyone think this was a mistake? Venice hotel room for 1 cent
  7. MooseTrax

    Who decides?

    Just had an extremely irate guest hang up in mid sentence because we do not allow guests to book rooms that do not have enough beds for all of the guests. We don't care how they sort themselves out once they take the room, but 3 guests do not get a room with 1 bed. Guest got hostile and said it...
  8. MooseTrax

    When guests are unexpectedly late do you try to contact them?

    When guests are unexpectedly late do you try to contact them?
  9. MooseTrax

    Guest car accident in parking lot

    Does anyone have an idea what the inn's responsibility might be in this? We have motorcycling guests here tonight who have taken up 4 of the parking spots- they also have 4 of the rooms, that's not the issue. From the window I just saw an SUV pull in next to the last bike and cut it very close...
  10. MooseTrax

    Silly Season

    Do you have a silly season where you are? High season or off season doesn't really matter but silly season is when guests say and do silly things thinking you won't remember what they said the other 10 times they called. During breakfast a guest called to cancel tonight. That was 12 hours after...
  11. MooseTrax

    It Pays to Check

    Found an email in the spam folder this morning requesting 3 rooms for an assortment of guests saying they had been here before. It didn't look spammy to me, but who can tell why the spam filter thought it was. Replied back saying it would be better if they booked online so they could choose...
  12. MooseTrax

    Another package, need more help!

    Feel like a one armed paperhanger this week! Need a little more advice from the gang. Three guests this weekend are getting a package. The package as purchased by the person paying for the rooms includes a bottle of hand lotion. The three people getting the package are all guys. Will they want...
  13. MooseTrax

    No car?

    A family checked in yesterday with no car. This does happen every once in awhile but these guests are leaving later to travel hundreds of miles to their next destination. At breakfast they asked, 'Where should we leave our bags when we vacate the rooms?' Interesting problem as they have enough...
  14. MooseTrax

    Making a cheese platter?

    The first snafu on my own. Tomorrow's new guest has indicated she would like a cheese platter on arrival. This is Moosie's area and she is out of reach during the class. What cheeses should be on the platter? If the weather holds as it has been for months it will be about 70 degrees or cooler...
  15. MooseTrax


    Hello! My wife has been posting here for awhile and recommended I take a look at the helpful info. She's going to be gone for a few weeks to a writing conference where she won a scholarship. I'm in charge. As ex-Navy I'm not considering this a monumental task but I've been told this is the place...
  16. MooseTrax

    what would your response be?

    a person who cancelled at the last minute 2 months ago emailed today to chew me out. she will never set foot in another b&b again, she is going back to hotels. we had no right to charge her for her last minute cancellation, we should have done this and we should have done that and we weren't...
  17. MooseTrax

    create a google map?

    do any of you have a google map on your website that shows loacl places in relation to your place? how do you do that? there are a few shops nearby that have a theme and a map on the website would help guests realize how close they are to those places when they stay here. the problem is in how...
  18. MooseTrax

    curious guest email

    a guest inquiry came in the other day. it was just on the right side of sounding ok, but a few degrees the other way and i would have said it was spam. my reply back was simply how to look up the calendar on the website. next morning there was an online bookign from the guest for sometime in...
  19. MooseTrax

    going with your instincts

    guests last night put the radar up right at the door. this is usually a very casual house where all the doors are left open but because of the bad feeling i closed and locked all the doors to the unoccupied guestrooms. what happened is not their fault but having the doors locked perhaps isolated...
  20. MooseTrax

    housekeeper responsibilities?

    we're in a bit of a slow period now and the housekeeper needs extra chores. what sorts of things do you have your housekeeper doing when the rooms are finished and you want to make sure she gets her housr in so she doesn't look for other work? she's blazed through my usual list of extra jobs and...