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  1. The Farmers Daughter

    Anyone have a sample letter they can share?

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has a sample letter they would share for use when guests cancel within the managements cancellation time frame. Something stating they are responsible for 50% of their stay, yada...yada...yada. Thanks and fingers crossed for an early Spring!
  2. The Farmers Daughter

    New Scam!

    Where I come from, that's called a 'Date'.
  3. The Farmers Daughter

    'Reload Cards' - Can someone enlighten me?

    Happy Holidays Everyone. I have a question about a reloadable credit/debit card. A potential guest inquired if he could use one to hold a reservation but then pay cash on arrival. I have never heard of a reload card. Can someone explain them to me? Are they a different animal than a credit or...
  4. The Farmers Daughter

    Posting the 'help wanted' add

    I am in need of a part time weekend person for Sat & Sunday mornings from Nov 1 through mid Dec. I dread the interview process as it is so time consuming. Does anyone have any tips for writing catchy help wanted adds with the goal to attract the right people rather than the time wasters? Can you...
  5. The Farmers Daughter

    The Unexpected

    This is what ended up happening. I held breakfast for 20 minites hoping that they would up and leave. That didn't happen. Then wife had the good timing to intercept me in the pantry realizing what was happening. She said they were just socializing and to go ahead and serve. So I did. It was a...
  6. The Farmers Daughter

    Gratuity for housekeeping

    Ours say the name of the inn at the top with the terms: Thank you from the Chamber Care Team at the bottom.
  7. The Farmers Daughter

    The Unexpected

    What do you do when guests who tell you the day before they are not having breakfast the following morning show up at the breakfast table after all. How do you feed 12 people when you only prepped for 8?
  8. The Farmers Daughter

    How much damage will you tolerate before you start charging for it?

    I was thinking along the same lines. Maybe she was on a modeling assignment (based on the elaborate hair you described) and perhaps something happened. Maybe she fell or ??? It could all be much more innocent than you imagine. Just playing Devils advocate. btw...I am so glad not every crazy...
  9. The Farmers Daughter

    What are the legal requirements regarding foreign guests visiting the USA?

    I asked this because when I was in Italy, I was made to present my documents to the facility where I was staying. They made photo copies and they wanted my information immediately. I wasn't even staying for an extended (90 days) period of time. Just not sure what is required here.
  10. The Farmers Daughter

    What are the legal requirements regarding foreign guests visiting the USA?

    I have a couple coming from Germany for an extended stay. Am I required by law to ask for their passports and visas? If so, what do i do? Has anyone dealt with this? Thanks
  11. The Farmers Daughter

    For those of you who take dogs...

    Glad you liked it. I thought it was pretty funny myself.. ."nice web, Mr. Crack Spider"..... lol!
  12. The Farmers Daughter

    Keys to battling burnout

    We work hard. No secret there. I would like to know what works for you to help keep you on top of your game. I worked an 18 hour day yesterday. I will work the same today. Quite frankly, I am exhausted and my season will go until November. I hired some help. I try to eat right and take good...
  13. The Farmers Daughter

    For those of you who take dogs...

    lol! just watch it. . . . its not what you think.
  14. The Farmers Daughter

    For those of you who take dogs...

    Uggh! I agree. Being out in the county, you just expect your fair share of local flora and fauna. I have a couple here right now from Staten Island. The wife actually called me up because they had a spider web on the grapevine wreath on their cottage door. They requested it be immediately...
  15. The Farmers Daughter

    For those of you who take dogs...

    They wood spider is a fascinating species. Here is information that I am sure you are not aware of:
  16. The Farmers Daughter

    Can you freeze orange juice?

    yes, you can. I do it all the time. you can freeze butter too. I have been told you can freeze milk, but haven't tried it personally.
  17. The Farmers Daughter

    Full house turn around

    Wow some great suggestions here! I would like to add that if you can store supplies somewhere on each floor to reduce the running up and down, that will save you a lot of time. I am more of a sole proprietor than I would like to be. When the PTB are here, they don't do much but bark orders and...
  18. The Farmers Daughter

    Credit Card settlement paper...what do you do with what you have to save for years?

    I have stacking file folders of settlement paper divided by month and year in folders. Unfortunately, as you probably know, they deteriorate quickly. I looked back on my collection and past about 2007, you can't hardly read them. Scan em if you can. I hate to keep anything that is a fire hazard...
  19. The Farmers Daughter

    Does anyone have a good homemade Granola recipe?

    Something good, but not too involved? Thanks in advance!