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  1. Samster

    Old posts from 12+ years

    So good to hear that you and yours are well and thriving! We all need to do what is necessary to get us through our life challenges, and sometimes separation and reflection are a part of that process. All the best wishes are sent from me to you for nothing but the absolute BEST in the years to...
  2. Samster


    I wish you the best of luck! Moving is hard work under the best of circumstances & now there are other challenges. I'm glad I finally convinced my husband to retire then, as we couldn't afford to build this house now with the boom here in our new state/city, rising prices, and bidding on lots...
  3. Samster

    I guess Innspiring has surrendered to AirBnBs too

    I agree in spirit. After I closed my B&B, I watched our historic district really become overrun with unhosted short term rentals. It has affected the area in a myriad of ways. The remaining inn advertises on those sites. Fortunately, that city at least wised up to collect hotel taxes on them...
  4. Samster

    What is it about stairs and guests from certain places?

    I helped guests with their luggage to avoid banging up the walls. We had a lot of stairs in our 1908 house but two landings - people didn't complain because they could rest, twice! Haha! We built our new home with an upstairs. A bunch of folks in our 55+ community said we were cRaZy because...
  5. Samster

    Howdy, hosts

    Petitdejeuner - As a *retired* innkeeper, my best advice is to work at a place for experience if you can before you commit your personal resources. I had done this and it was helpful to learn what NOT to do. Even then it won't be the same as being the owner/innkeeper. Secondly, nail down the...
  6. Samster

    Current Sales/Purchase Market for Inns and B&Bs?

    Flag House, my brother lived in Annapolis and I'm a Maryland girl. You have a lovely inn. Used to go back to MD often to visit him and spent a bit of time in your city. One of my fave spots for an innkeeper break when I had my inn. Since he retired here to SC (and I lost my other brother in...
  7. Samster

    As a former B & B owner...

    Not traveling these days but I never asked for a discount as a former B&B owner. Sometimes it's been offered and I declined. I know how hard these folks work!! When the discount just appeared on the bill or innkeepers insisted on it, I'd leave a much bigger tip. Sometimes I would send a thank...
  8. Samster

    Every now and again guests can be challenging

    @Eugee I had a very valuable, beautiful, and comfortable antique sofa that was in a guest room damaged by "acrobatic"? guests perhaps. From that point on, I removed anything and everything from the guest rooms that was valuable, monetary or sentimental. I went out the next day and bought two...
  9. Samster

    I've been raised from the dead...

    Welcome back! I've been a phantom for quite some time myself. Cheers to you for the good, sorry about the bad. Hang in there!
  10. Samster

    Should Go Private?

    Definitely keep this forum open. So many folks mentioned over the years how helpful it was to them - aspiring innkeepers, both struggling and successful innkeeps, small hospitality property owners, owners of "non-traditional" B&B endeavors, professional association members, and people making...
  11. Samster

    Bedding Options for Guest Beds - Duvet or Blankets or Throw/Bedspread...What is best for coastal inn?

    I had all white linens for our Southern inn and liked that look. I had lighter weight white or cream "coverlets" for Summer and in the Winter I'd put comforters at the foot of the bed. Knowing how hard I worked to maintain and store all that, I'd definitely do it differently now. :) I love...
  12. Samster

    Just stay-over, no breakfast?

    My innkeeper friend where I now live has several rooms in the main house and several in a detached large *cottage*. She has gone to in-room very simple breakfast delivery for the main house rooms (3) as each of those rooms has a place to sit and enjoy breakfast. The cottage rooms have been...
  13. Samster

    Been away for a while...

    Morticia, sorry to hear biz is not going well. Think of you often! Glad for this opportunity to re-connect. You can message me. We're retired and in South Carolina now.
  14. Samster

    Blast From the Past!

    I'm so sorry to hear that about your hubby. My sincerest condolences. I see your avatar includes several friendly faces.
  15. Samster

    Been away for a while...

    Welcome, Tarah! I met the original owner of your beautiful inn probably 100 years ago (haha!) when an aspiring innkeeper. This is a great bunch here!
  16. Samster

    Under reconstruction

    Glad this happened because I got an email & am soooo happy to say "hi"!
  17. Samster

    Blast From the Past!

    Well hello old friends! And by that I mean time, not age. Imagine my unexpected joy when an email dropped in my inbox today announcing an opportunity to re-connect because of a software update to the site!! I've wondered about you all during these times and also hoped that you are doing well...
  18. Samster

    My Turn

    Sincere condolences to you on the sudden loss of your brother. I wish you strength in the coming days as you deal with all the inevitable details that are to come.
  19. Samster

    Gifts from guests

    Awwww....that's really sweet. That housekeeper is a keeper for sure!