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  1. The Farmers Daughter

    Anyone have a sample letter they can share?

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has a sample letter they would share for use when guests cancel within the managements cancellation time frame. Something stating they are responsible for 50% of their stay, yada...yada...yada. Thanks and fingers crossed for an early Spring!
  2. The Farmers Daughter

    'Reload Cards' - Can someone enlighten me?

    Happy Holidays Everyone. I have a question about a reloadable credit/debit card. A potential guest inquired if he could use one to hold a reservation but then pay cash on arrival. I have never heard of a reload card. Can someone explain them to me? Are they a different animal than a credit or...
  3. The Farmers Daughter

    Posting the 'help wanted' add

    I am in need of a part time weekend person for Sat & Sunday mornings from Nov 1 through mid Dec. I dread the interview process as it is so time consuming. Does anyone have any tips for writing catchy help wanted adds with the goal to attract the right people rather than the time wasters? Can you...
  4. The Farmers Daughter

    The Unexpected

    What do you do when guests who tell you the day before they are not having breakfast the following morning show up at the breakfast table after all. How do you feed 12 people when you only prepped for 8?
  5. The Farmers Daughter

    What are the legal requirements regarding foreign guests visiting the USA?

    I have a couple coming from Germany for an extended stay. Am I required by law to ask for their passports and visas? If so, what do i do? Has anyone dealt with this? Thanks
  6. The Farmers Daughter

    Keys to battling burnout

    We work hard. No secret there. I would like to know what works for you to help keep you on top of your game. I worked an 18 hour day yesterday. I will work the same today. Quite frankly, I am exhausted and my season will go until November. I hired some help. I try to eat right and take good...
  7. The Farmers Daughter

    Does anyone have a good homemade Granola recipe?

    Something good, but not too involved? Thanks in advance!
  8. The Farmers Daughter

    Whats that smell?

    Hi Folks, I need some advice from you all. One of my guest rooms has an smell eminating from it that is a cross between Italian vinagret and cheese. How can I get rid of it?
  9. The Farmers Daughter

    Eyesore or Environmentally sound?

    I would like to hang a clothes line outside at the inn for sheets and such. I am getting a truckload of resistance from the 'powers that be' on this idea. They think it is an eyesore and used words like 'white trash' and 'Hillbilly hot air dryer' to describe their feelings about it. It would...
  10. The Farmers Daughter

    I'm sorry, but that is just wrong!

    I live in the NE part of the country. We are in a heatwave. Right now its 98 degrees. My lawn is close to dead despite the watering. My point is its HOT. I have a guest coming here with her 2 children. They are biking here. They are coming from a town 30 miles away. As if that is bad enough, her...
  11. The Farmers Daughter

    My day just went straight to he!! in a handbasket.

    I planned my day out perfectly in order to make it to my Nephews graduation this afternoon at 4pm. My formerly half naked house keeper showed up right on time and more appropriately dressed. Rooms got done on time, check ins all confirmed for arrival between 2 - 3 pm. Perfect. Just enought time...
  12. The Farmers Daughter

    I love my new cleaning person, but not the way she dresses.

    I have a new cleaning person. She is very nice, very fast and thorough. I hired her just to clean and nothing else. She has no guest interaction what so ever. That said, I hate the way she dresses. I don't know if I should say anything because she has nothing to do with the guests. Should I just...
  13. The Farmers Daughter

    New - Scrubbing bubbles extended clean

    Has anyone tried it? Does it really keep your bathroom clean for up to 4 days?
  14. The Farmers Daughter

    What do you think is the best brand of Liquid Laundry Detergent?

    Tide is good, but I refuse to pay that much for Laundry Detergent. I am currently liking Fab in the red bottle.
  15. The Farmers Daughter

    Is there a why to tell the difference between a Credit Card and a Debit Card number?

    ... If you don't have the card as a point of reference? In other words: If someone books online and enters their card number, is there a way to eyeball it and tell if its Credit or Debit?
  16. The Farmers Daughter

    Suggestions needed for hosting the local B & B association meeting.

    Yikes! I have been asked to host the July meeting for the B & B association. I am responsible for casual food, refreshments and seating for up to 35. I don't have a room that size and I don't know where to put that many people. If I use the breakfast table I can seat 8. I'm feeling a bit put...
  17. The Farmers Daughter

    Hypothetical pet acceptance question

    You take pets & have guests sign a waiver. Guests dog gets out and is hit by a car. If you are in a no fault state, can you stlll be sued?
  18. The Farmers Daughter

    What is wrong with people???

    Have you ever had a guest color their hair while they were staying with you and damage your towels in the process? If so, what did you do?
  19. The Farmers Daughter

    Why I hate hotels dot com and others like it

    I get a call inquiring about rates. I tell them my rate range and the amenities. Oh my, that's expensive! she said. I can get a room at ______________ hotel on hotels dot com for $85! Yes I am sure you can I said. Before you do, here is something to think about. I pay my housekeepers anywhere...
  20. The Farmers Daughter

    Safety issues - Things a burglar won't tell you

    I found this to be valuable and wanted to share. This applies to everyone! Things A Burglar Won't Tell You!! This is very interesting. Read all the way....... 1. Of course I look familiar. I was here just last week cleaning your carpets, painting your shutters, or delivering your new...