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Jun 1, 2008
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I am using my web host's new system for Iphone and ipad. I love it. Can change it any time. Any inquiries coming from it is identified. Cost is $250 /year but got it when it first came out for a special lower price. http://www.innserver.com/
I especially love that I can upload any photos in any size and it resizes them for me!
I see that I am getting a lot more reservation information requests from phones since I have started doing the website. I still have more to add.What I like is that it is a fluid thing that I can change anytime. Others say "oh come with my company for a one time fee we'll do your mobile site" but that can become old so fast the way things are going.
They are adding other new features down the road as well - they tell me that my booking system Availability is working on a mobile booking page that will work with it too. Yippeee


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May 22, 2008
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There are some good things there. the Ipad peek is cool..but I just have to use my own tablet to check my sites. Thankfully all the ones I have done lately on WORDPRESS with theme templates all look just fine on phone or tablet. And with the many new responsive themes out now, none of this should be an issue...at least that's what I think.

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