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Dec 11, 2008
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Aloha from the Island of Hawaii. After a little time spent looking through the forums and gaining some insights, we have decided to become a member. We own and operate Kalaekilohana Bed and Breakfast on the island of Hawaii. We are entering our fourth year as innkeepers. We've made some significant progress over the last three years and we are focused on refining our business and expanding our marketing during the next year. We hope to occasionally ask some questions, share our experiences, and start a few topics of discussion that interest us. Mahalo
Welcome knkbnb.

Glad you chose to become a member. Ask and answer all you want. ;)
Oh, you are on the loveliest of the islands! I have only visited once, on our honeymoon, but we really loved the Big Island and saw both Kona and Hilo and stayed for a few nights in the Volcano National Park. Your place looks beautiful...
how lovely! i've never been to hawaii ... welcome!
i'd like to know how to pronounce the name of your place and the rooms?
Kalaekilohana is pronounced Kuh-Lye-Key-Low-Hah-Nah
The rooms are the Hawaiian numbers- Phonetically
Eh- kah-He, Eh-Loo-Wa
Eh-Kohl-Loo, E-Haah
Our European guests do the best because the vowel sounds are similar to Spanish
Welcome - Glad to have you on the forum and look forward to your future posts. I am sure you will be able to add great insite as well.
Love your rap-around porch or in my area we call it a veranda.
Welcome. What a view you must have! Maybe I want to visit Hawaii after all!!

Aloha! Welcome. You do have a beautiful place there!!!! It sure is out there too. How long a trip would it be from Hilo to your location? That used to be a pretty isolated area, are there restaurants, shops etc close by or are you it???
Beautiful place. I've never been to Hawaii but my dh has been there a loooooooooooooooooong time ago. We hope to see it some day.
Looking forward to hearing more from you.