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Jun 24, 2008
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family members with chainsaws cleared as much as they could safely handle. tree service estimate $$ given and accepted this morning ... they are coming tomorrow with equipment and knowledge and ropes and cables and insurance to remove the rest of the tree. the truck hood and roof of truck cab are supporting hundreds of pounds of remaining tree ... parts of tree are embedded in truck hood. branches are bent and when released may fly in crazy directions so it will have to be secured and cut methodically. very dangerous. no insurance for tree removal as there is no house damage ..... did not have coverage for this.
i suppose there is some humor in this situation, but i don't see it right now .....
I guess the rest of us will be looking at the coverage on our auto, home, and business policies. What a mess! I feel so bad for you.....
It is VERY important to know what your home owners / business Ins policy covers. MOST policies do NOT cover tree damage unless it falls on a covered building. And if you think that if a neighbor's tree that falls on YOUR property should be covered by them, you are mistaken (at least in most states) the tree and any damage become your problem. These are little known facts that people in our neck of the woods became solemnly aware of after Katrina.
Some Ins. carriers do have Deluxe policies that may (not all) cover tree and fence damage. Before we became a B&B we had a Deluxe policy with the 'good hands' people. We had 3 trees hit by 1 lighting bolt, traveled underground through the ruts until it hit our water line & used it to come in the house and fry most of our electrical appliances. The insurance covered (after deductable of course) all damages AND paid us for the 'value' of the trees!!! Interesting consept - they calculated the age and type of tree and paid us for them. That of course came no where near the cost it was to have them removed. Tree surgeons take the word surgeon seriously in their charges.