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B&B assicoations

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Jun 19, 2011
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Man a live. I am just venting and looking for some answers.
What does an association do when it realizes it made a mistake about marketing to it's stake holders. Being it priced to high and offering some thing they cannot do?
Do they enhance the basic pkg. Price to just belong is one cost .with no pkg.
Price web,to just be on the web
Price to just rack at visitor center
price to be in an brochure
Price to be on a web and brochure
Price to rack at local air port
Oh yes and another price for news Blasts to go out every month to its share holders.
Do they offer a cheaper pkg.
Do they enroll two pkgs together for a heavier price.
I belong to 3 associations and they are facing the same problem. One is wiling to look at the whole thing and listened to it's share holder the other is going to try and save face. Perhaps enhance it's pkgs. they offered before
What would you do ? What would you like to see?


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Jun 4, 2008
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I would think if an association is trying to help all the stakeholders it would be counter productive to split up its members in so many ways. I see very little value in belonging if you aren't listed on the website. And it seems to me that it is of benefit to the association to list as many B&B's in whatever printed material they seek to distribute.
A fairer question might be how often a guest books a room when flying in to your town. If they've made airplane reservations are they likely not to have accommodations by the time they arrive in your city? Is brochure placement at the airport tracked in any way to see if it's worth it to advertise there? e.g. a special advertised only on brochures at airport, so if they request that special you will know they saw it at the airport.
The brochures I've placed at the local CVB are all gathering cobwebs, so at least in a non-tourist town, printed material has limited success getting me any heads in beds.
My state B&B association has fewer than 50 members. I use it for the website and the inspections they provide. Website provides me with as many hits as the directories do.


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Sep 29, 2011
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My basic membership in my state association includes a basic link on the website. No photos or anything like that. I then get a second bill for an upgraded website link which gives me searchable keywords and a description. Still no photos. I can pay more to then be mappable. And more to be in the paper guide book. And more to be a featured property for one month.
They don't run the visitor's center so that's a whole separate bill from another entity.
Everything is extra. Want to be in multiple visitor centers? Pay for each one. Want to be at the airport? $1000. Don't even ask how much to be featured at the airport!
Every state runs their association differently. Mine essentially is a PAC. As far as I know they don't send out emails to anyone but the membership. They post sporadically on FB.


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May 22, 2008
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In West Virginia the dues are a basic for 6 rooms or less plus $5 per room over 6.
This gets:
  • Your own page on the Assoc web site
  1. up to 4 photos
  2. up to 5 Specials
  3. All info inputted by the innkeeper - so if anything is wrong do not blame us
  • Legislative representation with the WVHTA (WV Hospitality & Travel Assoc.) the Industry Lobby arm
  • Ads in publications, etc driving people to the Assoc web site (Marketing)
  • Co-op ads opportunities
  • A printed Directory
  • Inspections
  • Mentoring
  • Rack cards in the Welcome Centers IF you provide them (no fee other than your postage)
I am certain I am missing something but there is no extra fee for anything other than the co-op opportunities which are pay to play and the Assoc gets grants from the State to lessen the cost for that. Up to now at least. The grant funds are shrinking so belts will have to tighten re the grant program with the State.


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Feb 24, 2011
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Government fee. Government inspection fee. Listing on website.
Pseudo City Tourism Department get 3.5% of my revenue. If I want anything from them an annual fee (over $500) plus a fee to open a file, but I get a listing under a category I don't want to be under and my email posted for spam. So I won't pay the annual fee and won't open a file. And they don't seem to understand why I don't want to be listed under hotel and get spam from them.