Can you use the reviews on TA?

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Oct 7, 2008
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I am sure this is in the verbiage somewhere, but can you use, ie reproduce the reviews on TA? Case in point, cut n paste a review on a "SEE OUR REVIEWS" page and then offer the link to the review and YOUR TA page? I say YOUR as it is OURS.
Can we do this and give the link back to it? Not speaking about the "stinking badges" or any of those feeds from your review site, just the text itself? Can you add this to a blog article (again with links and say it is from Trip Advisor etc)?
That's a good question. THey hold their hands up and say they don't have any responsibility for what anyone says.....
I've seen a lot of that on FB. Look what our guests just said on FB...quote to page.
Is that what you meant? I've used quoted from guests on my marketing stuff. 'TA review.'
I have done it and did not even think about it. I hope it was not an oops.
I think so! LS escapes and Group. getaways does this. They type it on the side and then have a link to the TA site. Go take a look. (may not be on everyone - don't look at all of them)
Our TA comments are (so far!) uniformly complimentary. However, we will NEVER use a TA comment in our marketing materials. We don't even ask guests to compliment us on TA.
My feeling is, that TA is about traveler's reviews. We stand by the quality of our service (some of which has been reported by our guests on TA), but we will NEVER try to leverage that in our marketing.
We have little respect for TA in their efforts to try to expand their own influence by getting us to PAY for a link to our website from their site. Anybody savvy enough to find us on TA is quite competent enough to find our website without that profoundly expensive click-through that TA wants us to pay for.
Compound that with the fact that, even if you are one of TA's merchants and have paid a fortune for that privilege, the fact is that TA won't do a damn thing if somebody posts a scurrilious review of your property.
Read my lips: TA is not your friend. Run away from these folks. Their marketing hypocrisy is stunning.