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Aug 23, 2009
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Hello, I read in the forum about some free B and B finder sites but my computer crashed. Can anyone inform me of where this was or give me links to free services? Thanks, Gayle
go here to the resources section There are not many free ones there but it is a start.
Just google Bed & Breakfast Directories and I am sure many will show up! See any you like that are free...feel free to sign up....though I doubt any of them will do you any good.
if it is free b&b advertising you are speaking of, best for me was reciprocal linking with local businesses that make sense.
for my b&b, this was a local ferry service that took people across to an island for day trips and stayovers; a kayak rental and tour service; a general store (it was a destination); a couple destination restaurants, shops and museums; the town page that offered a free listing with no link back required; and a few like-minded b&b's in other areas where folks tended to be heading to or coming from.
also, sites like this one!
Here is a list I have compiled...a few are specific to Michigan, but most are not. The links are directly to each site's submission page.
And I second SS's suggestion. Some of our best web traffic comes from local attractions and restaurants...and most are happy to do it for your link to them.