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Sherry Wareing

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May 4, 2022
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Hi all and thank you for allowing me into your group.
I'm looking for some help I own 6 cottages and a main home in TwinMountain, NH and I need to find a Innkeeper to run our property for at least 3 months but would prefer longer. My mom lives with us and has dementia and sun downers and can no longer be onsite. We have thought about selling but we truly love the property and can't imagine finding someone that would love it like we have.
Anyways we are hoping maybe you can direct us on where to find a lovely couple to run it like we do.
Thank you in advance for any and all suggestions
A day and life of my husband and I:

Daily Operations

Clean cottages that depart

Prepare the cottages for arrival

Wash, fold and organize the laundry

Restock cleaning supplies for the next day

Send a message to incoming guests when the cottage is ready

Bring firewood over to guests that order it

Switch out propane tanks for grills when needed

Being on-call for guests’ needs (e.g. if something isn’t working, need assistance with the tub etc.)

Format and print the vinyl logos and names for guests

Attach the vinyl onto the mugs

Write ‘Welcome’ cards for each guest

Create the street signs for incoming guests

Program the LED signs for the incoming guests

Program the door codes for arriving guests

Perform daily hot tub maintenance: balancing chemicals, adding water when needed, testing control panels and temperature

Outdoor maintenance: check backyards to the cottages and clear any trash, dog poop, unused firewood and items left behind. Fix items when needed (burnt out lights, solar lights that fall off track, gates that won’t close, etc.)

Indoor maintenance: Fix items when needed (dvd players, cable box, curtain rods, loose screws, floorboards, etc.)

Weekly Tasks

Changing and cleaning the hot tub filters

Take trash and recycling to the collection facility (multiple times a week)

Winter: Plowing the driveway, brushing snow off the roof at the main house, shoveling paths for guests in the front of the cottage as well as the back path to the hot tub

Summer: Mow the grass on the property and weed-wack around the cottages, clean AC filters

Monthly Tasks

Deep clean each cottage (e.g. dust fans, clean ovens, clean under fridge and stove, etc.)

Occasional Tasks

Drain and refill hot tubs (every quarter)

Hot tub maintenance when needed (e.g. replacing control panel, pump, etc.)

Supply runs for cleaning, marketing and maintenance supplies

Marketing: Taking b-roll of cottages for video descriptions, editing the footage to put online, taking photos of cottages for website and Airbnb, making up-to-date guides for our guests


Daily Operations

All current duties

Accept online and direct bookings

Answer guest requests on Airbnb and by phone

Send welcome information and answer any guest questions

Send messages on check-out day

Keep track of revenue and expenses in Quickbooks

Occasional Tasks

Call for services when needed (Spectrum, Plowing, etc.)

Arrange deliveries (Rhymes propane, toilet paper supplier, etc.)