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Jul 18, 2022
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Two Harbors, Minnesota
I have been reading your forum for some time and got busy with life and lost track of it for a bit. I just came back to see what is new in the industry! I have been in the business for 14 years at the same location. After 5 years of working here my husband and I bought the business and truthfully things have changed in the industry so much since I first started and then Covid! We are a unique hotel type (rooms are in train boxcars), 15 room Inn that is run like a B&B minus the gourmet breakfast - no licensed kitchen - we do a decent breakfast but we aren't allowed to do any food prep. I don't like cooking so that works for me! We have hired housekeepers but Hubby and I do everything else. Yardwork, snow removal, maintenance (our unique place requires a ton of this), front desk, finances, taxes, laundry, guest interaction (THE best part) and I'm also an onsite Granny Nanny for our twin grandkids - who were born 2 years into our ownership adventure! This is not a job - it is a lifestyle. Accept that and it makes life a little easier! Anyway, Thank you for a place to connect and learn!

Wow! After I posted I see that I am not completely focused today! I thought the question about location meant birthplace since it followed the birthdate question. Uff Da! I need to change that info to the business location of Two Harbors, MN north of Duluth on the North Shore of Lake Superior!
Ha! Yes, I was about to ask about the snow removal in Honolulu!