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May 8, 2009
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I've got an idea for how to get those pesky, high maintenance, boring, disrespectful, condescending louts out of our houses.
Enforce an innkeeper's perogative maximum night stay.
You play nice and your booking is longer than 3 nights, you get to complete your stay.
You are rude, late for breakfast, boring, high maintenance, whatever........ we can opt to boot you.
We get our share of delightful folks who stay a whole week and after five or six nights it feels like they just arrived.
Some one nighters and our more boring guests make us count the minutes until they check out even after one day.
Or we'll get guests who make themselves just a tad too at home and by the end of their stay we wonder if we have to go look at the deed to make sure the house is still ours.
Before starting this venture we sought out advice from plenty of innkeepers and one in particular told us that if she could get away with a three night maximum, she'd do it. She told us that by the third day, she was bored to death with people and their lame ass stories and idiosyncracies. Plus, she'd rarely ever have to grant any kind of discount if all her stays were short.
We both rolled our eyes and thought she was just old and jaded. Boy, if she could see me writing this right now.
It might actually be a good ploy to get shorter stays if people think you have to set an upper limit. "They must be really good if they have to limit us to three nights!"
Sometimes where breakfast is concerned, long stays tend to get difficult, but other than that, nope!
We've got one coming in Oct for 10 nights....and they've been here several times before. Ugh! I hate having to figure out that many new breakfasts during a stay. Other than what to feed them, long stays don't bother me unless they're PITAS. I'm always up for less turnovers!
My motivation for the thread was completely tongue in cheek, but it is some food for thought.
FWIW, most of our longer stays are people that really did their homework before choosing where to stay and find what we have to offer well matched for their needs.
The breakfast menu challenges notwithstanding, our biggest thing is the boredom factor for us. We only struggle when the really long staying guests are incredibly boring or highly idiosyncratic types.