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Oct 7, 2008
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I have the most huggable guest. She hugged me at check in and hugged me after a fantastic breakfast, and I am soaking it all up! She is squishy and it is like hugging a soft lovable teddy bear. So for all you skin and bones people...there t'aint nuttin' wrong with squishy!
It's different for you girls. If I start hugging it just comes across is me being a creepy old man.
Speaking of huggables, I am one too, but was a little suprised by my guest this past weekend. I had only spent 10 minutes or so with them the day before and they rushed off to the big city....the next morning (early) I heard someone at the front door. They walked in and the GUY came right up and started hugging me, then she did. Millions of things started going through my mind (did I forget to tell them how to get in, had they been out all night - waiting for me) Nope... just happy and happy to be here! I sure love those type of guests. I am a hugger as well. My old nanny use to say 'come over here and lets touch hearts' -
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