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Oct 7, 2008
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Remember this was the inn featured on Wifeswap?
Inn's end
Concord Monitor
Bob and his wife Alex, have owned and operated the bed and breakfast in Danbury for the past nine years but are planning on filing for bankruptcy next week. ...
JB - re the line about the fire, does this mean the insurance didn't cover it because they did not meet code?
This is a shame, and goes to show that all the publicity in the world will not keep business rolling in.
and note "The spring after the fire, the Grafs put the property on the market for $550,000. That was about $100,000 less than what they had paid in 2002, but it seemed like the only option. Last year, they dropped the price to $445,000. Several buyers were interested, but none could find financing."
[FONT= 'Times New Roman']Chillin' on the coast[/FONT]
Montreal Gazette
It's a relaxing trip, whether you stay at a family-friendly resort with a pool or at a romantic seaside inn or bed and breakfast with a crackling fireplace. ...
[FONT= 'Times New Roman']Then and Now: Hotel Florence[/FONT]
In the 19th century, it was better known as the Franklin House, where it was a simple bed and breakfast that eventually evolved into a bustling high-end ...