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May 22, 2010
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For a little getaway last weekend, I booked an Air apartment in a town about 45 minutes from me, in a 3-story house with a balcony overlooking a small waterfall on a decent-sized river (it's two 3-foot water drops giving a nice roar of white noise). Self-checkin, as is the norm for Air properties. The only arrival instructions I got were:
Address is xxxxx. We'll leave the door unlocked. The keys will be on the dining table. Please leave the keys there when you leave.

I'd already scouted the address on Google Street View, so the address plus the Air photos confirmed where I was staying. I arrived, drove around back (up a steep hill) and parked, and right in front of me was a ramp to the top floor apartment. I walked in (door unlocked), the keys were indeed on the kitchen table, and I very much enjoyed my 2-night stay.

The morning I left, I sat killing time before check out time and wrote my property review (Air always asked both guest and owner to write an review of the stay). That's when I realized that I'd stayed in the wrong apartment! I had booked the second floor apartment, and I stayed on the third floor. I'd wondered why the Air photos didn't quite match the apartment, but I've found it's common on Air for them to use the same set of photos for multiple properties if they're similar and in the same building.

AND, the one I paid for was $20 higher than the one I stayed in. But I was happy. Better view from the top floor. I'm just irritated by property owners who won't take the time to give good arrival instructions. Her Air photo looks like she's about 28, so that explains a lot!!deleteme.jpg

Como Depot

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Jun 25, 2008
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A friend did a photo shoot for properties in Breckenridge, none of them are under a $1,000 a night. So probably not amateurs. I always wonder how they deal with AirBnB's policies, I looked at one listing and they had rules in the text that contravened them. Obviously many people use multiple sites to market their properties and I am sure they are on all the big ones.