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Aug 16, 2016
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Hiring a new innkeeper and I can figure out the obvious questions for interview. What I'm looking for from this group is...

What do you wish you would have asked during your interviews for potential innkeepers?
What signs would suggest you not hire the person?
What requirements are a MUST! ( Yes, I know punctual)

I guess what I'm asking is for advice from those who have interviewed, hired, and then after the fact said...if only I would have asked XXX, I would have seen this coming.



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May 22, 2008
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How much control over daily operations does this position have? What do you expect this person to do? How invested will they need to be to be successful in the role?

Then I can think of questions to ask.


Sep 9, 2016
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From my experience, I can tell you what I've done wrong :) . I think we have been pretty good at making sure people have had the basic skills or training them. It's the other 'stuff' that is the issue. In my years in business, I have fired many people, something that I was hesitant to do at first. Instead of focusing on the interview, what I do now, is suggest a paid 'trial' to see how we both like working with each other of a couple weeks, so we can feel each other out. I tell people why most people have quit, and that I want to make sure it is the right fit for them as is for us.

These are the problems I've had:
1) People quit because we are too remote.
2) People are lonely since they don't know anyone in the area and end up quitting. So, is your location unique in that the person may not be familiar with day to day life.
3) People get resentful when you schedule them for the holidays or may not want to work overtime. Since we are remote, we have found that couples and families do well.
4) People have their own issues that they are fighting and are not in the right mindspace for positive client interaction (Someone who jumps from job to job).
5) On our end, I always and not so successfully try to make people motivated and happy in the job. People do not have the same motivation as me, so what I offer might not be what they are looking for in terms of job satisfaction. What would make them happy and productive? Does a percentage get them happy? A little add-on business opportunity? A chance to bring a child to work with them? Flexible hours while the housekeeper is there?


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Sep 7, 2015
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I would give some challenging scenarios and ask how they would handle them. If their customer service ethic does not meet yours, it won't work regardless of their skills.