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May 1, 2009
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I wouldn't even want to think about cleaning 10 rooms alone. We're a B&B and it takes an average of 1.5 to 2 man hours to clean/turn a room. My wife has a corporate hotel background. At the mid-range chain hotel she worked for, the housekeepers worked in pairs and were allotted 20 minutes to turn over a room. If a room took longer to turn than the allotted time then they had to make up time on the following rooms. This explains why hotel chains will never be as clean as a B&B. So maybe since your running a lower priced hotel your guests expectations regarding cleanliness is not the same as a B&B's guests???
In any event get some cleaning help. Also I recommend reading books on cleaning, such as Speed Cleaning by the Clean Team. That way you'll be able to train your cleaning staff on the best practices. I would guess that your busiest season is almost upon you, I hope your ready.