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May 22, 2008
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I decided to try to become more productive in the percussion section than just beating on the toys (sleigh bells, triangle, casaba, etc.) sp I bought this. A friend has offered to teach me how to play it too. My winter project.
Good luck. I, with no musical training or talent, played handbells in the church choir for years. It was all I could do to play just G, A flat, and A. Can't imagine playing the whole scale!
We had a power outage at 3-something AM Friday. Power came up at 10:55 - but my computer did not. thanks to Christmas, it took until about 2 hours ago to get it back. Stupid reason but since these things are delicate and I am ham-handed it was wiser to wait for the guru. At least my nightmare of needing a new computer did not materialize.
That is so neat. Do you read music already? And how is it coming along?
Until 2016 (before cataract removal) I realized my eyes, fingers, & brain did not move at the same speed. I donated my baritone sax (had played bari in high school) to the Shinnston Community Band and they let me into the percussion section. I do not know what I am doing, just beating on the "toys" (suspended symbol, gong, triangle, sleigh bells, etc.) and having a blast. December 2021 I was invited to do the same with the MCPAEC Community Band in the county north of me. Have not started banging on the xylophone yet with the holidays. Soon.