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Looking for a Farmstay

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Apr 21, 2013
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I have been lurking and reading a lot on the forum and soaking up lots of information. We have attended an aspiring course, done lots of research and are currently looking for a B&B to purchase. I would prefer buying turnkey, but we are looking for a somewhat unusual set up so that may not be possible. We are also considering buying land and building.
We are looking for a 5-6 room property with acreage, specifically in the blue ridge mountain area (NC, VA and TN) but are willing to look at other areas. There are actually 6 of us, my husband and I with our two boys and my sister and her husband so we need space to have a second small house. We are going for a farmstay type business (raising vegetables, fruits, chickens and bees) and plan to do weddings and, eventually, a restaurant as well as the B&B.
Thank you for all your help!


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May 22, 2010
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I sure hope you find the turnkey you're looking for. There's a great demand for agritourism experiences, especially if you find a place not too far from a big city full of city slickers looking for a rural change of pace.