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Jun 24, 2008
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I thought this thread was about Jehovah's witnesses til I opened it!
Still laughing at this one!!!
Back on topic... I do respond to them and try if at all possible to make the (canned) email conform to be personal, whether I add what is going on in the are during that time or mentioning that we can help secure a rest. res. Conversions ??? Well hard to say, really. Usually I can tell by how they email if they are really interested or just curious, but I have been suprised. The really generic ones are most likely looking at price - at least in my thinking. They don't ask for a discount for this or for that, but that is what they want and prefer not to speak with anyone.
Those that call are ones either not shy to ask for a discount OR are the ones that book if they get a good feel for the innkeeper and place. We get both...much more than online rez. On the phone, DH says I can charm them into staying unless of course their pocket is too shallow or I get the 'bad vibe' and turn off the charm.