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The Tipsy Butler

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May 30, 2008
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Thought this might be interesting .... although many of you will have already found it. This was on the web page of a B&B featured in the most recent PAII newsletter.
There was a lot I didn't like about the web page, but I found this interesting. The place is being run by a 31 year old guy until his parents take it over in about 5 years.
[h2]Myths about Bed and Breakfast:[/h2]There is no privacy.
The vast majority of inns, and all of the good ones, have plenty of privacy. Your room should be quiet and free from interruption. You won't be forced to interact with other guests, nor will you have to sit down with the innkeeper and look at old family photos. At a small inn, you may be able to go through your entire stay without ever seeing any other guests -- try that at a hotel! Innkeepers tend to be very concerned with their guests' privacy and do everything they can to respect it.
B&Bs have staff and a front desk clerk on duty 24/7.
In most cases, particularly with inns of less than 10 rooms, the innkeeper / owner is the only person (or couple) working at the inn. Sometimes, they might have a maid help with room preparation in the morning, but by and large that person is handling everything. This means that you should arrive on time, or at least call if that's not going to be possible. Innkeepers often plan their day (including shopping for your breakfast foods) around guests' arrival times.
Innkeepers are rich.
If they are, it's not because they're innkeepers. Although they might own beautiful homes which have been restored and immaculately decorated, most innkeepers don't even make all their income at the inn. If a B&B has less than 10 rooms, the chances are very good that the innkeeper, the innkeeper's spouse (or both) has outside income.
There will be strange rules and a curfew.
Sometimes an inn will have rules that mystify me. But I've never stayed anywhere that had what I would call "strange" rules. And no B&B has ever had a curfew. Innkeepers will sometimes ask you to be quiet if you come back to the inn late, out of respect for other guests. Make sure you read all of an inn's policies on their web site before making a reservation and you should never be staying at a B&B with truly strange rules. Innkeepers are not control freaks -- they want you to have a great time, and they want you to come back.
You’re not B&B type of people
This is not true, all B&Bs are different, try us out