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Breakfast Diva

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May 26, 2009
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The cupola is not on yet (it's going to be a few more days for that). It's an Amish cedar gazebo that we bought as a kit. It's been sitting in our garage for 5 years in boxes! I just never knew where I wanted it because of all the trees on our property and fear one of them would crash down on it. Finally I decided to just put it in a safe place, but that means close to the road (yuck). But it'll add some charm factor to the front which we need.
I keep thinking about Kathleen and her desire for a gazebo!


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May 22, 2008
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How lovely. Thank you for the thoughts. I think thoughts is going to be it for his year.
First all the computer problems and now the roofer is not returning my calls. I have called another company for an estimate which I expect to get the end of next week. I think my gazebo is going to end up on my roof. IF and WHEN it is meant to be, it will happen.
Update: Got the quote from the new roofer - am going to call tomorrow to ask if it makes the quote go up or down if we leave the chimneys. Had a brain cramp in church this morning - use the canvas fly from out 18th century days as my "wedding tent". I am going to look at the cost of a bolt of netting to hang at the back to screen off the street. I have the canvas, poles, and ropes so we will see what happens.