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Anon Inn

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Sep 26, 2011
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Hiya everyone! I am still kicking. Was thinking of y’all today and got a new password to check in here.

I apologize for dropping off- it was needful and I appreciate your understanding. PS this is longggg because it’s been a few years.
Thank you so much for the check in. You are thought of often here. ❤

Breakfast Diva

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May 26, 2009
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Glad you, like JB, came out on the other side in fine shape! My life is so blah compared to most, and that's just fine with me!

I did get to enjoy your old homeland of Oregon in early June, with the Columbia/Snake River cruise. Perfect 70 degrees and blue skies every day for the week I was there, then the next week the temperature reached record highs. I was really lucky. And you're lucky to have moved to Arizona, where it's cool :p
Yes, blah is wonderful sometimes! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Oregon. It really is beautiful but living on the coast for 18 years I just needed some sun and less rain. I love the vibe here in Tucson with the mountains, incredible food (the first city of gastronomy as named by UNESCO) and the live music. My plan was to travel in the summers but covid put a big damper on that. Oh well, as long as my air conditioner keeps working I'm good!


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May 30, 2008
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South Carolina
Hiya everyone! I am still kicking. Was thinking of y’all today and got a new password to check in here.

Where to start with updates: DH and I celebrate 33 years of marriage in Jan. More in love than ever— even with barely escaping the B&B while raising a family. 13 years. It did take a toll on our marriage but we came out the other side by the power and grace of God alone.

Stepping away from the forum and all things associated with bed and breakfasts was necessary. PTSD. You long timers know what I mean, it can be all consuming and take the place of the good valuable things in your life that should be the main focus.

For me you all were a life send and my family and fellowship. Commiserating the “crazies” we all encountered! Weirdos and freaks calling F words, false reviews, people doing unthinkable things etc. Your Virtual hugs and at times real life hugs meant the world to me. Very grateful for each of you and not forgotten.

We’re building our dream home in NC - we moved to the Outer Banks and lived on a small island and salt marsh three years. Incredible respite and finally sold our B&B (as we paid two mortgages but had to get away from it lest we leave “feet first” a Kathleenism - sold as a private residence to have the people who bought it take up the same BnB name! We could have given them the whole business. But they played that game. We wish them well. They are the caretakers now.

Then we decided to build again- so doing it all ourselves, other than foundation and framing. We are a few months away from the finish line.

True, I decided to go dark on all social media. It takes a toll during election years with all the political garbage. And the rest of this current ongoing craziness. I saw people overtaken by some form of madness and I had to let it all go…

I am still working in marketing, heavily. But I may go for an early retirement when the house is done and just lounge in the pool and volunteer. I long for that. I think I about our Muncie innmate who was always behind the scenes in her community making a difference. Not for any glory or to be seen, just quietly touching lives one person at a time. There are so many people who could use kindness and touch by another person without an agenda. As the world became “shut ins” it really tugged at my heart how small acts of kindness can go a long way.

Some bad stuff has happened in our life and some good, beautiful stuff.

Our eldest daughter has a little girl and she turns 5 end of this month! So we officially are grandparents now! We don’t see them often, live apart and you know… dastardly covid. Our daughter divorced and then her ex died. So our granddaughter’s daddy is gone, and it’s tragic.

Our youngest married to a manipulator and evil person- this is not a mother in law statement, but a fact- he cut her off from all family and abused her and he followed his dream to the marine corps because he was thirsting to kill— and he did- he was on headline news for weeks all over the country for murdering his father (who wasn’t really his father he found out). Long story - manhunt -FBI most wanted etc etc and we had to take our youngest girl and ourselves to a safe house. We had police protection - parked in our neighborhood and stationed outside her workplace until he was apprehended. It was a very unsure time in our lives and we made it through. People do not know this story. In fact our new neighbors have a condo at smith mountain lake and we’re sweet and brought us the local rag and there above the fold - a close up photo of our former son in law. I had to maintain control as we don’t tell this story - but letting y’all in since you know our family well.

It was very intense. But they eventually captured him and he sits in jail right now. Virginia just last week ended the death penalty. So he will be in for the rest of his life and he is 22. He shot his “mother’s boyfriend” as the news calls him dozens of times with various types of weapons.

And just like Charles Manson, he has a huge following Facebook groups and people who think he’s a sweet little innocent person, instead of a murdering evil individual. He now has plenty of time to think and maybe find Jesus. Not sarcasm- hopeful.
Our daughter survived him and is now remarried and we are very happy for her. She has been through a lot in her 24 years.

My in-laws came to the states for her wedding, just as Covid hit, and they had to turn right around they had flight number one from Qantas, a special flight take them back. We called our daughter and she and fiancé were able to drive straight here and see them. She had not seen them since she was 4.

So they married with us and a handful of brave friends present, and thanks to all of our elopement BnB experience we were able to make it very special. They got married on a rooftop of an historic building in a small Southern town, it is by the water… was hit by hurricaneFlorence - you prob know which town I mean - and the entire town was shut up during the Covid restrictions, so we hopped in and out of the vehicle at all the beautiful locations around the water, and in downtown and I took the photos it was very very special.
  • My grandmother turns 98 next month.
  • My parents moved to Pahrump Nevada, and they love it there with all the conservatives, and Retired military. They are doing great.
  • My sisters are doing well, one still living in Ireland with her four children now grown, my other sister is remarried and beat breast cancer. And her daughter is getting married in August.
  • we have a wonderful relationship with my in-laws, and plan on going down to visit as soon as they open Australia back up, currently no flights in or out. And once our house is completed.
I had to bullet! You know who you are— you always said on Joey’s tombstone there will be a bulleted list. LOL

So that is my catch-up post. I think fondly of all of you, of the adventures. We are considering going to the BIG EASY in January for anniversary, because DH has never been and I retell the great stories of the innspiring road trip. Maybe we’ll sneak away to the rock n roll highway and stop in for a haircut at the oldest barbershop in Arkansas. 😉

Love to each one of you. In your new chapters. Thankful grateful and blessed to know you. Not sure what everyone is doing now, but grateful you were in this former innkeeper’s life. ❤

I apologize for dropping off- it was needful and I appreciate your understanding. PS this is longggg because it’s been a few years.
So good to hear that you and yours are well and thriving! We all need to do what is necessary to get us through our life challenges, and sometimes separation and reflection are a part of that process. All the best wishes are sent from me to you for nothing but the absolute BEST in the years to come! 😘

We built a new home ourselves & moved to the lowcountry of SC in 2018 & survived lots of challenges as well (not as dramatic as yours!). Owned too many houses until the GA ones sold, at a loss/kind of break even. But we LOVE retirement & where we live now. Finally got another dog last September & she saved my mental health. 😊IMG_20210421_111947205_HDR.jpg Love my view every morning while I have my coffee! You know where to find me to reach out - contact info hasn't changed. You & your dear husband are always welcome here. Hugs!