Please help me win 4 nights in Cancun

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Mar 19, 2010
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Hi Innkeeping Friends..
It has been a busy summer for all of us. We are feeling worn down and the fall has not even begun.
I entered a "name that turtle contest" with Yucatan Holidays, in hopes of winning 4 nights in Cancun. I can come up with the airfare, but won't be able to come up with accommodation $ for a vacation this year. So, if I win, I may just be able to take my bambinos on a little vacation to the beach and get my own r&r. Currently I am 70 votes behind the lead.
You will have to join Yucatan Holidays fan page and then vote for Serafina. Of course you can unlike them whenever you want.
Thanks to all who may take a moment to help me, and wish me luck.
I did it. I also added it to my FB page for friends to do it too. Good luck!!.
Thanks! You are AWESOME! Traveling is my passion and being "locked" up for the last 2 years is making me a bit zany and stressed out. Any opportunity to just maybe use my passport gives me hope. Thank goodness I like my job.

am happy the help (we get three votes) but can't see what I am supposed to do.
am happy the help (we get three votes) but can't see what I am supposed to do..
I think you have to first "like" the Yucatan Holidays facebook page. Then go to the Name The Turtle - or click the link I sent and "like" it. I think that is it. I was already signed up so I just "liked" it.