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Jun 9, 2008
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Just wanted to give an update, I received an email yesterday from the Williamsburg Inn stating she would be crediting the difference of the room prices, Yipee!
I also noticed last night the they got another TA review (not from me) stating how dusty and dirty the Inn was, they stayed in a different room than we did too. I guess between her small children and other business she doesn't have enough time for the Inn...too bad, it could be so cute and it's in a great location! I'm curious if anyone looked at my pictures and saw the dust at this Inn?.
where would i find these pictures?
i didn't see any on the blog. am i lost?
I uploaded them to Photobucket. Here's the link but I think you will have to copy it and past it into your computer. If you decide to look at all the pictures I accidently put the wrong name on the file for Kennebunkport so Dover and Kennebunkport are switched, I'm going to try to fix that when I have a few minutes.