Remember to check that first aid kit!

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May 22, 2010
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All my bathrooms have a first aid kit in one of the vanity drawers. I hadn't thought about them in years. Opened one up the other day and it was almost empty! Don't know if there has been that much need for first aid, or if some kind soul stuffed their pockets with "free" supplies. But it's another thing to add to my quarterly reminder to change the AC filters, replenish the brochure racks, and check the first aid kits.
I actually buy boxes of bandages from the Dollar Store and stock them in the bathrooms. If you do that... they usually will leave the first aid kit alone.

Of course, you could put a tamper tie / security seal on it with a note that if broken, a charge will be added to the bill to replace items used. They are rather easy to buy. 100 is about $15 online. We used them all the time with shipments. Shipments from China used steal ones that we had to cut with a large metal cutter. But it kept anyone from opening the shipping containers. Because once open, no one would accept them.

Also good to put on fire extinguishers, so kids don't play with them.
I have a huge commercial first aid kit in the kitchen, but wouldnt dream of leaving one in rooms for guests. While I get the safety aspect, I'd be replacing them every other week.