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May 22, 2008
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The day after the Derecheo in 2012, I had a call from a lady looking for a room - she could find nothing! I had one. She was coming to work a pipeline but did not know where the "yard" was re distance so when she left, I told her IF the distance was doable, call me and she was welcome to stay here in one of the shared bath rooms. She stayed for about2months and became part of out family.

Wednesday, she surprised me by coming up on the porch with her husband in tow so I could meet him (he came into her life after leaving here). When I went to the freezer to take out venison for sausage for him, it was squishy. The freezer died. THEY helped empty the freezer into the fridge and while I started cooking meat, she cleaned out the freezer. When we found it was doornail condition, she & I went to Home Depot (Lowe's did not answer the phone in appliances - NEXT!) which was loaded into her truck. They took the old one out 9\(it is on my ramp until pickup day) and brought in the new one. Then when my foodsaver also decided to die, we used her Sam's card (mine expired) to get a new one. AND they insisted on paying for the 2-nights they were here!!!

I have cooked and bagged ham, steak (venison and beef), and pork chops. I am about to turn ground venison that I made into sausage (and likewise ground pork) into patties, cook, vac-seal, and freeze. Thanks to them, I discovered the defrosted meat in time to save it and replaced the dead items.

In addition to all of that and the arrival of scheduled guests yesterday, a former guest now in Florida texted that she wanted to meet up today and take me to breakfast - no can do breakfast but will do lunch. THEN this morning some people call wanting to tour the Shinn log house. That was arranged for 2 PM. On the way home for that, my City Manager texts, Did you send the notice of the Public Hearing to the paper? #$ NO! It was so bad, I forgot today was payday!!! Everything done and I am taking a breath before heading to the kitchen to finally do the dishes and start cooking again. Just another couple of days in Podunk!