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May 22, 2008
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This is another push to try to help our industry by ALP. You KNOW I would be on it like a tick on a dog. It is FREE. This is the e-mail from this morning saying the website is live. The sign-up form is on the site. The ABOUT Page list everyone participating. Here is the e-mail:
Hello innkeepers - THANK YOU for participating in Still Inn Business! I'm happy to share the website is now online: https://stillinnbusiness.com/
If you had not yet sent in your three photos, I grabbed one from your site or social media so that you would be fully represented. I will delete the picture if you don't like it and/or swap it out. That said, please still send me three images so I'm ready for media inquiries.
Please find your inn and make sure the links, etc. are correct. I believe I checked them all but you never know. Also, please like/follow:
The press release just went out today(Thursday)! If you are forwarding this email to an inn that wants to join us -- please know there will be MANY more press releases and all inns will be routinely added as we go. In other words, it's never too late to join us. I envision I will have to keep updating the press release online and creating new versions to send to media. If you know of an inn that's interested, please ask them to join us. Here is a direct link to the new form: https://stillinnbusiness.com/sign-up-form
If you belong to a local innkeeping or hospitality association, please ask your members to join us. It's free. And the more the merrier/the more press. Here is a link to the webinar I did for the Association of Lodging Professionals about this campaign. Again, it's open to anyone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93PKJg04KxM&feature=youtu.be
I'm available to answer any questions, etc.
Suggested social media posts and more to follow. If you post anything now - great! Please use #stillinnbusiness
A copy of the press release is below the signature line. Please feel free to share it.
Thank you all again! May this bring some positive attention to all our properties!
Maria Coder & Jay Hassler
Bed & Brunch pr
(917) 202-8514 Maria
(917) 623-7304 Jay

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Sep 26, 2011
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Haven't checked in much here in a few months.
Thank you Gillum!