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May 22, 2008
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I do not "push" reviews - lord knows I am tired of being bombarded for them- I just include links to FB or Goo for it saying if you are so inclined.. Just got this from a couple from this weekend:

___________ recommends Gillum House Bed & Breakfast: "Our stay was the perfect way to spend our anniversary. Kathleen made everything so personalized, the food was amazing, she even made us a special cake that was to die for! The room was spacious, and the bathroom was attached and had the most wonderful claw foot tub. The robes were so soft and warm, it was just all amazing. We will definitely be returning next summer! 😁😁😁"

AND she asked me to add a tip when I charged her card. She had asked for a Romance Package (with budget) and when I asked if it met her expectations (told her wine would not be part of it - no license) she said everything was perfect and the stay was even under budget. Love happy guests.

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