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May 30, 2008
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South Carolina
This has been a good thread for ideas. We have always done a set entree with variations such as adding or subtracting ingredients (no tomatoes, yes asparagus). After reading through this we are going to offer the menu option on a trial basis. We'll do this in September and see how it goes.
There will be a default entree for those guests who do not tell us what they want, but we will have a printed menu and the guests will tell us by 9 PM what they want for breakfast. Late arrivals will be able to leave their menu on the desk for morning pickup.
They will be served what they asked for, no substitutions in the morning so that should solve the problem we have had of being asked for different breakfasts than what was planned. That will save having to ask in the morning if they want this or that in their omelet. We will start off offering 3 different options: pancakes, french toast or omelets with some sort of meat. It will save us a lot of baking time as we will do away with quiches and casseroles. We have purchased a stove-top griddle and will run the electric griddle as well to keep up with all of the orders.
It feels like a weight is lifted. No more worries about what anyone will grumble about in the morning. They will choose, we will cook, they will eat- or not- but it will be entirely their choice whether they are happy or not..
Keep us posted on how it works for the guests and for YOU!