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Jun 26, 2008
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Do you send a "thank you" letter to your guests? If so, how do you ask for a "good" reviews?
I send thank you 'emails'
After I thank them for their visit and tell them how much I enjoyed meeting them, I tell them that the best form of advertising comes from my guests and include a link to the Inn on TA. It reads something like this:
It is free and easy to register on TA, only a couple minutes. Make sure you let others know what you liked/didn't like in the area or the Inn. If there were any problems with your stay that went unaddressed, please don't hesitate to let me know. Future guests will thank you!
I send a thank you email. I would never ask for a 'good' review, but I do give the guests a link to a review site in case they are of a mind. 99% of the guests are not of a mind. (The review site I link to changes as my whimsy takes me.)
Yes I send one within 48 hours of checkout, I ask them to share their experience with others and provide the links for them to add the reviews to whichever site they choose
Yes, most of the time. Send it on Thursday when people are bored and wish they were back with us.
I always emailed a "thank you" message to my guests. At the end I said something like " if you would enjoyed your stay with us and would like to submit a review, click this link. And then had the link to our "review" page.
That always worked for me.
Always a thank you email (it was part of my reservation system and could be tailored to the guest). I would link to our review sites in the email.
Memorable guests or guests that had done something special FOR US, got a handwritten thank you note. Sometimes, I'd include a business card with a discount for a return visit.