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May 22, 2008
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Update: While I was going to the P O to mail a package (as I wait to even be given the Customs Form she takes a phone call from an idjit in town (I know the man) asking if a certain letter is in his P O Box and when she looks and says yes he wants her to take it to the bank for him and deposit it - I do not have time for this! and yes she told him she could not do that), pick up the guest room flowers (the owner comes to the counter to ask if I knew she had gotten divorced and her new apartment over the flower show was done so she could move in), and stop at the grocery (lines everywhere and then since I brought my own bags the new dipsh** at the register tells me I need to pack the bags myself so they are the way I want them), I get a call from DH to come home NOW! The new mattress is being delivered. I am in the checkout line at the grocery, I cannot just leave. And it is raining. In the 5 minutes it took me to finish checking out - they were gone. Mattress looks as if it is about 1/2 inch smaller than the box springs but as DH says, that is better than the mattress being bigger.
Then I had to go pick up my knitting stuff at the Library - it was pouring last night when knitting class ended - after putting the groceries away. Then the Finance Officer calls saying she needs the minutes of the Public Hearing from last week - today. Now DH is pouting because he wants to go to Jimmy's for spaghetti and we cannot go until AFTER the Mission comes to pick up the full-size pillowtop that is now residing (filling up) my storage room. The A/C from the room coming in today is in the hall until I can get into the storage room and the footboard I removed is in the Gillum Room (tomorrow inn-coming) waiting to get into the storage room until DH can replace the curent headboard on the Harris with the footboard from Rosi's (whatever!).
The City Manager wanted me to take a letter to the Garden Club meeting today and one phone call to verify I called back to say that is NEXT week and then had several e-mails & calls to getthe Kiwanis meeting cancelled for tonight.
See, you folks get Pitas - I get days I want to slit my throat and be done with it. Especially when on days like today I also have to run around for and also make phone calls for DH. Today is the day he has decided to touch up the paint chips in the hall and there is a dig in one wall so I had to find and bring down the patching plaster. And since he decided yesterday was the day to cook the pumpkins I also have pumpkin to puree & freezer bag and pumpkin seeds to bake for him - today before they go bad.
I have finally said screw it and at 1:30 PM having my first cup of coffee today. Have reached the point in the agenda of waiting for the Mission to get here. Not complaining - just explaining that it is not always the PITAS that drive to distraction.