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Mar 24, 2017
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Just want to share the doozy happened last night. Expedia (which I loathe) allowed a guest to book last minute without a complete phone number. Guest wasn't answering emails either. This couple shows up, he clearly has alcohol on his breath but not acting drunk. Yet. They leave for dinner and return a bit irate with each other. Mind you, I had a full house last night. So these two get into a he said she said argument. When the decibel level increases and the f-bombs start, I step out into the pool room (center of the house) and ask them to hold it down. They both apologize. Next thing I know, he's standing outside the bathroom door (she is inside) he's yelling he's driving back home (3 hours, after dark, and inebriated) without her. She packs her stuff and promptly walks out the door. It's dark, in an unfamiliar to her town, with various large wildlife in the area. Now he's outside yelling after her. I'm cringing at this point between my guests and now my neighbors possibly witnessing this tirade. I walk out to the road, talk him down, bring him inside, suggest he's already paid for the room and she's a big girl and things will look different in the morning. Took him to his room, turned on the A/C, left a bottle of water and closed the door hoping he would pass out and be quiet the rest of the evening. Not only was he quiet, he slipped out the next morning, foregoing breakfast and anyone who might have witnessed that performance. All other guests were happy and chatty and didn't hear a thing. Thank goodness it's hot here and everyone had their a/c's running. Still have no idea where she went. I've had some cranky guests, but this is a first in five years of doing this. Must have been a post-full-moon sort of thing. Ain't nobody got time for that drama.
At least they weren't yelling at YOU!! It seems to have worked out as best as could be hoped for.
Last minute res probably from too much to drink so they decided to stay somewhere. Sorry you had to endure the issue.
First F-bomb and argument and I would have told them both to leave.
I would have wanted them to pack-n-go also but if he was drunk- that complicates things.. never had that kind of drama unfold at least as loudly as you had it unfold (thank God) hope you didn’t put the curse on us all!
That was my first inclination too, but I hold a server's license and wasn't sure that I wouldn't be held responsible if I did let him leave and he killed somebody on the road.
Get and keep a log book. When you have situations like this, document them immediately. Our state's Liquor Control Board puts heavy weight on contemporaneous documentation, and several venues have been able to avoid liability by showing their logs and documenting things drunks and idiots did that they didn't contribute to.