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    Is it endless hard work? Feel like a constant burden to keep up with?

    I expect to wake up next to Bob in my Marina Towers apartment soon. It was all a dream....
  2. An Old Tavernkeeper

    Wifi Password

    Morticia is correct, a reset may be in your future. Is there a sticker on the modem with default passwords for router admin? Manufacturer and model of your router? Is it supplied by your ISP?
  3. An Old Tavernkeeper

    Newbie Question: Why would they stay at $175-$200 a night inn when they can stay in entire AirBNB apartment for $110 a night?

    Hi Mrs G, I am just outside of DC in Virginia. My rooms run from $149 to $399 per night depending on day of the week and the season. Since June 10 of last year I have had three days off. Not that all 7 rooms are full every night but I have has at least one room every weeknight except for...
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    Gotta Love a Small town

    I hope at 80 I can still reach the transoms!
  5. An Old Tavernkeeper

    I would never...

    Excellent points. I do the same with ResKey. If I get down to my last 2 rooms for ANY date, the rates go up. If there is only 48 hours left I steeply discount one night but still require 2 nights. If you want a one night last minute stay, the price is the price.
  6. An Old Tavernkeeper

    Scam Against ResKey Users

    Odd that we use ResKey and didn't get the email. Targeted scambastards I guess. Oh by the way I would like to book 5 rooms for our traveling ministers and their spouses for May 7 to 23rd this year. How much will that be and I will immediately post a check from the Bank of Uzbekistan as a deposit.
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    Air Host Service Fee

    Example: What the customer pays Book through us directly $149 plus about $15 in taxes = guest pays total of $164 for one night Net to us $149 Book through Airbnb $149 plus $30 cleaning fee plus $36 fee to airbnb plus taxes of about $18 = guest pays total of $233 Net to us $170 I word my...
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    Air Host Service Fee

    I set my Air fees at our rate plus a $30 cleaning fee. I make my description so that unless they are a dull knife they can find us online easily and see they will save a ton by booking direct. If they do book through Air, as nearly 100 do each year, and they are American then I give them the...
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    I don't allow pets, but...

    Luckily under the NHR we are exempt from even taking service animals. We currently have a piece of Abraham Lincoln's furniture on loan from NPS and they make it clear no one will bring a pet into the building as long as it's here. Thank goodness, I don't want to sound like I am the Baroness...
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    Whip it, whip it good

    Wow Morticia, 20 years and I have never had anything like that happen. So sad that people treat other people that way.
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    How do you respond to hagglers?

    About 1/3 of our Airbnb guests come back but the large number of those book direct. We have the advantage of having a vineyard on site and being 2 hours from DC, so if they are coming back to visit the vineyard we can snag them again. Our issue with Airbnb guests is that they are generally...
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    How do you respond to hagglers?

    We only offer discounts to active duty military and retired military that served a full 20 or are VFW members. (and have a CAC card to prove it, so sick of scammers) If you can advertise on Airbnb in a way that people can find your website it is a great help getting rid of coupon guests too...
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    Whip it, whip it good

    I read this and tried it for myself this morning with fresh eggs from our chickens. Heavenly. But I would not serve to guests without pre asking.
  14. An Old Tavernkeeper

    My New Desk!!

    As a White Sox fan I see a defect in your decoration choices....
  15. An Old Tavernkeeper

    I would never...

    We aggressively manage pricing from March through Christmas and run greater than 90% occupancy mid-week and virtually 100% on weekends. Prices run as low as $149 mid-week mid-season up to $399 on an October weekend. But during those months I actively mange pricing every day. Both early, or...