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    Hotels moving away from daily cleanings...

    We have a door hanger that says "Maid Service Please" If it's not on the door we enjoy our extra ten minutes of free time X up to 8
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    Anti-Vax Guests

    Charlottesville Virginia is 90% Democrat. We have a city council that is 100% Democrat. Our County Board of Supervisors is 100% Democrat. I am the local chair of the Democratic Party. The difference is we are a highly academic community due to the University of Virginia being located here...
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    Anti-Vax Guests

    Then you must already be familiar with the United Nations data below. It shows that US death rates went down from 2017 to 2018 and down again from 2018 to 2019, stayed statistically even from 2019 to 2020 and is projected to go even further down for 2021. The lowest death rate, as a percentage...
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    Sold EZPZ

    Sorry, due to our insurance companies covid policies which have not been lifted, we can't have anyone on the property that is not a registered guest. I was friends with the former owners of Arcady, it is a wonderful bnb and vineyard.
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    Sold EZPZ

    Oh yes it is. We also own a restaurant here in Cville and out of 32 employees 28 are sitting at home collecting unemployment and every one of them has contacted me looking to return to work after Labor Day when the benefits get cut off. I told them 'you can fill out an application' but the...
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    Anti-Vax Guests

    The US death rate has run 3/4 of 1% for the past 40 years. Last year was no exception. WHY??? Have you not been vaccinated???? Go get your vaccine and then you never have to worry about it. That is how vaccines work! You can't fix stupid but if you choose to not get vaccinated oh well...
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    Sold EZPZ

    Put our Inn on Zillow. Sold it to our neighbor within a month and he is going to combine our historic Inn with his restaurant, vineyard and wedding business. We have been so busy. We have set all time new sales records 13 months in a row but the housekeepers both are gone, the landscapers are...
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    Small Motel for Sale in WV

    Looked at the website and it does look like a gem!
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    Anti-Vax Guests

    Wow no restrictions here in charlottesville for anyone. Except of course, public transport and at health care facilities. Must suck to have to live with Nazi rules!
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    Only related in an ancillary way.... My best friend Raj is a strict vegan for religious reasons. He visits our Inn with his family regularly and will come down to the kitchen early if I am cooking bacon and he always says "I know I would go to hell if I ate pork but the smell of bacon tempts...
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    Hello! New Innkeepeers here!

    Grew up in a family that owned Boulder Lodge Resort in Hayward WI so I know a place in the UP means you are young, energetic and hearty enough to shovel the roof all winter so you'll do fine!
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    How to antagonize Guests in 5 minutes flat

    James P Cox is our attorney in Charlottesville please feel free to contact him if you have any ADA issues, he is a superstar. He specifically says in his letter that if your locality classifies you as "residential" a "National Historic Register" or "landmark" property then nothing applies...
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    Office hours?

    Our office hours are from 2 pm until 8 pm and closed on Mondays. We turn off the phone and expect guests to listen to the message. It tells them to book online or send an email.
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    Packaged soaps or liquids?

    Wish you could convince the Jefferson Region Health District but they are "banned until further notice". It's like plastic water bottles, what a waste.
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    How to antagonize Guests in 5 minutes flat

    That's why we have a lawyer. Here is the actual verbiage from the ADA act. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) provides certain protections for those with disabilities to provide an equal opportunity to access, like for people without disabilities. For business owners, it is important...