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  1. An Old Tavernkeeper

    I don't allow pets, but...

    Luckily under the NHR we are exempt from even taking service animals. We currently have a piece of Abraham Lincoln's furniture on loan from NPS and they make it clear no one will bring a pet into the building as long as it's here. Thank goodness, I don't want to sound like I am the Baroness...
  2. An Old Tavernkeeper

    Whip it, whip it good

    Wow Morticia, 20 years and I have never had anything like that happen. So sad that people treat other people that way.
  3. An Old Tavernkeeper

    How do you respond to hagglers?

    About 1/3 of our Airbnb guests come back but the large number of those book direct. We have the advantage of having a vineyard on site and being 2 hours from DC, so if they are coming back to visit the vineyard we can snag them again. Our issue with Airbnb guests is that they are generally...
  4. An Old Tavernkeeper

    How do you respond to hagglers?

    We only offer discounts to active duty military and retired military that served a full 20 or are VFW members. (and have a CAC card to prove it, so sick of scammers) If you can advertise on Airbnb in a way that people can find your website it is a great help getting rid of coupon guests too...
  5. An Old Tavernkeeper

    Whip it, whip it good

    I read this and tried it for myself this morning with fresh eggs from our chickens. Heavenly. But I would not serve to guests without pre asking.
  6. An Old Tavernkeeper

    My New Desk!!

    As a White Sox fan I see a defect in your decoration choices....
  7. An Old Tavernkeeper

    I would never...

    We aggressively manage pricing from March through Christmas and run greater than 90% occupancy mid-week and virtually 100% on weekends. Prices run as low as $149 mid-week mid-season up to $399 on an October weekend. But during those months I actively mange pricing every day. Both early, or...
  8. An Old Tavernkeeper

    Virtual Assistant

    We do not need an intern but would be willing to speak with you about what it takes to manage the administrative tasks of running and promoting an Inn and let you try your hand at doing a few promotions.
  9. An Old Tavernkeeper

    Compliance Checks

    Airbnb wasn't collecting taxes from their hosts and it was unfair to us because we have to collect and pay tax. That right off makes us substantially more expensive. So we pointed this out to our county sales tax department to no avail. Then we went to our board of supervisors and in a...
  10. An Old Tavernkeeper

    Do You Have A Room For Tonight?

    What is going on? We are setting new all-time records for occupancy.... People are avoiding the chain hotels and flocking to BnB's in Virginia. This was our September bookings as of the 3rd of September and our bookings for October as of today. There has to be a way to get the word out to...
  11. An Old Tavernkeeper

    Crazy guests

    We decided when we re-opened in May that we would no longer accept children so that problem is solved. But we had people just this morning that had to leave at 6:30 and I swear they were wearing Dutch wooden shoes. They woke up all of the other guests, every single one....
  12. An Old Tavernkeeper

    Never mind I figured it out. We are just outside DC and make about $400k in profit on $550K in...

    Never mind I figured it out. We are just outside DC and make about $400k in profit on $550K in sales and our accessed value is 1.375M for land and buildings but our taxes are less than 20% of yours at 35 cents per square foot annually. I can't even imagine paying $1500 a month in taxes...
  13. An Old Tavernkeeper

    Wondering why your selling price is so low? We have our bnb in Charlottesville VA with only 5...

    Wondering why your selling price is so low? We have our bnb in Charlottesville VA with only 5 rooms and one cottage for sale and we just turned down offers of 1.1M and 1.25M. Is CT depressed because of Covid? Just curious, not prying.
  14. An Old Tavernkeeper

    This is for any inns located in NJ

    I agree, ozone in even short stints gives me massive headaches. I know it is natural but there is something amiss with using it imho.
  15. An Old Tavernkeeper

    New coffee carafe advice needed

    WOW, you must be making money hand over fist compared to us. Just did a quick calculator check, would cost me $1422 to use these for each room and cottage....NFW Our stainless steel Sams Club carafes are only $18.98 work fantastic but they don't get much use since we put keurigs in the room...