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John on RK has a post on his forum asking for ideas about contactless check in, my memory is that you already have such a system in operation and would perhaps want to comment there to John.
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Thanks. I made a post on the forum.
Hi Morticia! Do you have an example of a state innkeeping association rating property management software like ResNexus or ThinkReservations?
Sorry, just seeing this. No, I don’t know of any state associations that have taken on that project.
Wondering why your selling price is so low? We have our bnb in Charlottesville VA with only 5 rooms and one cottage for sale and we just turned down offers of 1.1M and 1.25M. Is CT depressed because of Covid? Just curious, not prying.
An Old Tavernkeeper
An Old Tavernkeeper
Never mind I figured it out. We are just outside DC and make about $400k in profit on $550K in sales and our accessed value is 1.375M for land and buildings but our taxes are less than 20% of yours at 35 cents per square foot annually. I can't even imagine paying $1500 a month in taxes. Hopefully your sales cover the upkeep and you can unload it on someone!
Meadowbrook Estate
Yes property taxes in Connecticut are high- and we were primarily an event venue before covid hit.
Numbers were based on events
So had to switch over to primarily lodging and build that business up this year - which has been so much better than we thought

We figured to test the market for sale as a residential property (many people fleeing NYC right now) as well as a commercial property
Just finished opening the new Best Friends Roadhouse in Kanab, Utah! Ready for next hospitality challenge!
Where in Kanab? Funky little town!