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    Handy Help - unexpected

    Today, my neighbor who has purchased his Mother's house and moved (his has not sold yet) came back to mow the grass - and did mine as usual!! I am so fortunate.
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    RezStream Report Help Please

    We LOVED the tanks. thanks for the update - don't use so cannot help, sorry - as I have wondered how you were doing. We had a blast on that trip. Loved your place too.
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    Handy Help - unexpected

    No, thank you. I am not interested in sanding off the rough edges of someone who has never been married and is older than me! I like my freedom also. It is nice to bum around, be taken out to lunch or dinner, but not interested in more permanent arrangements. Besides, we were taking about when...
  4. gillumhouse

    Handy Help - unexpected

    A man who was a friend to both of us has been squiring me around showing me his old bicycle club routes and trails (NOT on a bike, thank you) to see the fall foliage in the mountains. Last week I got clarification - are we too old friends (and I mean OLD) bumming around or are we dating? Poor...
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    Cleaning out the fridge

    I clean out the guest fridge also. I do not want the next guests to think I have not cleaned. If they drove away, what is left behind is history (unless it is clothing or pillows (left most) and then THEY have to request its return).
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    Noticing a trend

    I did offer late check-out to folks who were here for an event IF I did not have another coming in or I did not have somewhere/something happening for me that day. Recent examples were the 2 ladies who came for a bike race, I told them they could come back after the race to change before heading...
  7. gillumhouse

    Do You Have A Room For Tonight?

    I remember those days - and not fondly. I would have killed for that much sleep in one shot! THAT was almost my normal schedule for too many years. Glad those days are over for me.
  8. gillumhouse

    Crazy guests

    I actually had a full house last night. The anniversary couple had come in Friday and spent Saturday seeing the covered bridges I mapped out for them. Then while he rested his back. I took her to the log house and out to feed Punjab. I gave her a 2-lb bag of carrots - she was thrilled. She was...
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    Do You Have A Room For Tonight?

    I had a full-house one night 2weeks ago and will have another Saturday. Most unusual. I even have a reservation for November - over and above my two 3-night B & Bs For Vets that I always do. Fewer "last minute" and MUCH more in tips this year. I am within 33% of a normal revenue. Now if someone...
  10. gillumhouse

    I am clueless - guest mentions they are on KETO diet

    I was grateful when the husband (who made the rez) told me his wife was GF by choice. I made a loaf of GF bread and a batch of GF muffins but did not worry about cross-contamination as I would have if she was Celiac. They were happy with what I did. (I made a loaf of my whole wheat bread for his...
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    Do You Have A Room For Tonight?

    It is the pandemic. People are scared of their own shadow and are wanting to go away BUT not where there are going to be other people. Therefore, those of us in Podunk are being looked upon favorably. AND because we are in Podunk, we will always have an empty room waiting just for them. The 1 AM...
  12. gillumhouse

    Didn’t I see you with someone else yesterday?

    At least she had the good sense to choose a great place to stay.....
  13. gillumhouse

    Hi Inn Owners!

    Inn Partners | http://www.innpartners.com | 877-957-2360 | inns@innpartners.com PO BOX 1162, Brattleboro, VT 05302 Bushnell & Bushnell Services | 410-422-0013 | marilyn@marilynbushnell.com https://www.bushnellandbushnell.com Rick Wolf | 207-967-1995 | Lafayette Center, 2...
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    Where can I buy good top sheets to do triple sheeting?

    For me it has been 2 to 4-nighters when I usually get a lot of 1-nights.