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    Hawley B&B closed

    Would like to travel a little, but not sure where or when. Dh isn't too keen on it. Will fill my time well as I have cut back in other areas over the years so I could do a good job at the B&B and my job. Over time there will be no more B&B's here. One hand has closed all but 2. I don't know what...
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    Hawley B&B closed

    Just wanted everyone to know that I have closed the B&B. The city decided I had to put in sprinklers and electrical fire system. With 1 room and 2 suites, it would never pay for itself, even if I opened the last suite. So decided to close and use the large house as our personal residence, at...
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    B&B for veterans

    I only had 1 room available because the other 2 are full. If they had not been full, I would have offered all 3 for the night. After it hit the paper here in Lincoln, I got 1 or 2 calls every day.
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    Veterans Project Press Template

    I put it on my blog. Haven't sent it out to local papers yet. Might send to Omaha paper as there is a military base there. Will have to ask Carol if she is participating.
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    Last minute Vegan - I Need tips please!

    My husband is chemical sensitive, so we don't use lots of products. The clothes washing soap we use is from Sams. He opens the tub and puts it in the garage or on the porch for about a month to let the odor evaporate. Rinse in washer is 1/4 cup vinegar and filled with water. Dryer we use the...
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    Cable TV a must have?

    In the 5+ years I have been in business, I have only had 2 that asked about a phone because they didn't have a cell phone. But in the second group of sisters, some of them did have a cell phone, just not all 6 of them didn't. I still don't have a phone in the B&B and won't ever do it. I might...
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    vouchers for local businesses

    I already give discounts for multi nights or weekly for all my guests. The only other thing I do is the Kansas City Public Television contacted me about being on their card. No cost to me unless someone uses it. It is a bogo offer for people at certain levels get the card from the KCPT for the...
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    Something you used to do and now don't?

    I used to have cut flowers in each room from the yard, but no one commented, so now I don't. If I feel they will be appreciated, I will cut flowers for the dining room. I used to have chocolates in the rooms. Again no thanks or comments, so now have a bowl of hard mints individual wrapped in the...
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    What do you do when the credit card is refused?

    Have had several problems over the years and only take cc to make a reservation and charge for the entire stay. If they don't want to do that, then no reservation. I will take a check, they can mail to me and I will hold the room 1 week for the check if it is far enough in advance of the stay...
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    advice needed for cottage

    In our city, if rental is more than 30 days, then they fall under different rental rights.
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    Do you have a private entrance?

    My husband is one. When something happens, I say Piled Higher and Deeper. No respect.
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    HALP! Oily stains on sheets

    Goop hand cleaner.
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    Newbie no more

    Now all of your dream has come true. What a great day for you.
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    Goop is great stuff

    Great tip. Also another tip, remember way back when we talked about spots on towels where some color would be missing? Remnjava and hubby came to stay a night this winter and we were sitting at the table talking about this. My long term guest at the time heard us talking about it. She is working...
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    Hello from the Higgins House

    I see on your web site you make Ebleskiver. I have watched youtube on making it and purchased the pan, but haven't had a chance to work on it to see if I can make them. How do you serve the lemon curd with the ebelskiver? That would be really interesting.