Just made a reservation for myself at an air BnB !

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Jun 2, 2008
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I’ve never stayed at an air B&B I don’t think. I say that because the last b&b I stayed at was super basic and was a room in someone’s home. You might remember … there were hair curlers in the bathroom and clothes in the room and the soap and shampoo were all open little travel size bottles. 😉 Need a place to stay for two nights. I don’t need much in the way of amenities but I do need to feel safe. I have low vision and can’t drive at night. I’m a little bummed that there’s not a common area where I can relax when not sleeping since I won’t be going out at night, so I guess I’ll just be hanging out in my room where there’s a little table and chair. There are no inns or B&Bs open right now in the area where I’m going. The last time I stayed at a hotel, someone tried to get in my room late at night. So scarey! I assume they were at the wrong door, but it was really unnerving as they tried for a while and when I called the front desk no one even answered … 😳 I called and called. Won’t be back there again.

I chose a place run by a woman and the reviews look great but not much info on the listing. I had to post a profile picture, then submit a picture of the front and back of my license and then take a picture of myself with their app to prove I’m the same person on the license. I couldn’t find out the exact location until after the reservation went through. Payment in full due at booking. Should be interesting
WOW! It sounds as if AIR hosts are getting as antsy as perspective guests are about the hosts.

I hope all goes well. Keep us posted. I am going to e-mail you my phone number. PLEASE call me and let me know if all is well and especially if all is NOT well.