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    A request through Bed and

    This morning I received an inquiry from a fellow through Bed and It seems quite Spam Like. I was wondering if anyone else on this forum had gotten something similar? I do not want to mention his name at this point. Also Hi to everyone.I have not been here in quite some time. Our B...
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    For those of you who take dogs...

    No sprays on our yard, we have a well.
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    For those of you who take dogs...

    I understand what you are saying, but when they come in by the billions (not quite) then it is time to do something. THe ants were not sprayed but our Bug Lady provided a motel like thing, but this one works also a clear jel. Do you know of a green method to rid ones house of fleas?
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    For those of you who take dogs...

    I have found that you spend more energy,time, and money if you try to do it yourself, just call your friendly Bug person and have it done. If the fleas are not gone in a month call them again and they re-spray for free. Same goes for the pesky little ants and those foreign lady bugs. The ants...
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    You want me to donate how many rooms?

    When asked I give 3 $20.00 off gift certificates to be used on separate stays. I encourage them to put them in a basket with get-away items. Always satisfies those who are asking. I do not give to out of town situations. They are occasionally used. I only give a room occasionally to a really...
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    Update on Himself

    Prayers from Muscatine. Stay strong!!!!!!!
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    Happy Spring...........a woke to dark skies and snow covered ground. It was sunny and beautiful yesterday. What's the deal.
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    Facebook Fan Exchange

    Fan Page Thank you
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    I was just given a 15 lb ham and need advice - not an Innkeeping topic

    I would eat some and cut the rest into cubes and freeze in small ziplock bags to be used for omelets and ham/egg casseroles.
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    Charge for Credit card

    I can not charge a fee for use of credit cards. The Gas Company that provides gas to heat our home, the state can charge a fee when paying taxes etc.The county can charges fees. The telephone company can charge a fee. I find this very irritating and I tell those that are charging me what I...
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    Asking same question again, hoping for actual dollar amounts.

    We charge about the same that Country Girl Charges. We supply everything except the food. Is done Buffet Style. I have linens from my son's wedding. If the caterer supplies, he uses paper plates. The dishes were bought by the company that has used us a lot through the years. I use a variety of...
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    Happiness comes to Strawberry Farm

    Thank you for all the good wishes. This little guy lives near by so I get more grandma time.
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    Happiness comes to Strawberry Farm

    Friday @1:27 PM our 6th Grandbaby was born. Emmett came into the world. 8 # 6Oz 19 1/2 inches long. Our son Nathan and Becca are the proud parents.
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    John Deere mansion up for bids Tuesday also read Related stories. Moline woman buys historic apartment.
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    John Deere mansion up for bids Tuesday 2 sites that help to show what John Deere means to the Quad Cities