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    Inn Blogs

    I have heard that wordpress is a bad thing on a windows server. Have you heard anything about that, Catlady.
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    My weirdest phone call yet - in 10 years of innkeeping

    ring - ring Hello, ____ ____ Bed and Breakfast. Hi! do you rent jet skis? Excuse me? Do you rent out jet skis? Ma 'am, I'm sorry, but do you know there isn't any place to use a jet ski here in ___________? click Some of you know this, but for those of you who don't, our b&b is in the desert...
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    What happens on the forum, stays on the forum-please!

    I really think that is BIG that you 'fessed up Poppa. It isn't that often these day that people admit a mistake. You are awesome! I am clueless as to who most everyone on this forum is. One person approached me at PAII and introduced herself, another one or two I share blog links with. But I...
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    Inn Blogs

    I moved my blog to wordpress this winter. I have been really please with the ease of use and the results. I haven't made the jump to do my whole site that way yet. I need new photos. Are there that many servers that won't handle it?
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    Who are you staying with?

    I figure if they can see how fat I am they will think I am a good cook that uses real butter.
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    Inn Blogs

    I love the idea. I think this is a perfect first step for a new innkeeper, or one needing a professional look on a budget. Sure beats the heck out of letting a relative to a relatively bad job for you. You know there are some pretty unprofessional looking b&b websites out there, catlady...lots...
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    Pick of the Porch

    sorry I missed the first run. I like the post! Can I send a pic for the second running?
  8. aieechihuahua

    Bedding advice For ME not the B&B

    Thanks for that, Jeanne. I also can't get past that 100% cotton feel, but I'll probably just give the sheets a try anyway. Was it a free sample? I seem to remember an email about samples, but I can't find it on either computer.
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    Bedding advice For ME not the B&B

    Has anyone tried Comphy products? I saw this quilted blanket of theirs at a B&B conference and was impressed. I am thinking of getting a set of this microfiber stuff to try myself and see how it goes.
  10. aieechihuahua

    Goodbye shams

    Those are old pics!
  11. aieechihuahua

    Goodbye shams

    Those are old pics!
  12. aieechihuahua

    B&B Insurance

    I have a local broker who insures me with a very old company called Union Standard. I pay about $2200 per year for 2 homes, one is the guest house. We have a liability rider on our personal home where the billiard room and dining room are, beisdes that we have our regular haz. insurance on our...
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    Goodbye shams

    Ditto, Ditto. There was a thread a few months back about pillows, and I decided then to go for the stacked pillow look, with a 5th decorative pillow in front of them. I like the more modern look. Out with the shams and in with the stacks. however When I am staying at an inn I also like having...
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    Skip the sarcasm

    We never have a room for people who say that. My stat reply is..."Oh no, we have been booked full for tonight for weeks, (by people who are normal!) LOL
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    'My K-cup' problem

    Not one guest has ever figured out that our coffee is not high test, as it is very full bodied and rich tasting. Anyway...there are many different kinds of coffee out there that are naturally low in caffiene, and some of them are lower that what we serve, ie - Costa Rican coffee. It's all...