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Do something!! Even if its going out for supper with friends at a favorite restaurant! Send out tweets, facebook, instagram, newspaper, TV, etc to let everyone know what they have been missing out on for the last ten years!

My grandparents inn will be 48 years this December. It will be nine years for me in April. The fourth generation is now involved in the operation.
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Opened in 2007 with two rooms (after much good advice from this forum!)
Now the original two rooms plus two stand alone units. Long term plan is to quit traditional B&B when it’s time, but keep the two stand alone units. I’ll clean them myself as long as able, then farm out the cleaning. For now, traditional B&B is too enjoyable to give up. Plus it provides off season travel $
As always, grateful to this forum for so many mistakes averted.
Yes! Long term plan is to go down to two rooms, accessible from outside, no breakfast, weekly only. Almost no hosting required but we can still collect a few bucks. We will only take regulars, so no explaining restaurants or things to do on a rainy day.
Yes, I can attest that this is a workable plan. We take one or two weekly reservations from new guests in a season to insure we have a current guest base. All of our other reservations are from returning guests. Easy peasy!