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Jun 7, 2009
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Received this email this morning...how odd!
[tr][tr]Hi XXXXX[/td][/tr][/table][/td][/tr][tr][tr]Can you help?
At the moment we aren't sending much business your way, but we have promised that we won't ever charge you to be on 1bbweb.com until we deliver the goods, And when we do, the fee will be one of the lowest you will pay. And besides, 1bbweb.com is a great looking site and we are sure you must like it.
We have a chicken and egg siuation, in that the site needs lots of listings, but it is hard to get listings when the site is comparitively new. So we are offering a big prize of a world trip to a lucky person who refers a another Bed & Breakfast to the site. We know you can't refer a friend on the basis of our fantastic results, but we hope that you can refer them on the basis of our fantastic attitude. We aren't going to charge you until you are pleased with the number of guests we send.
So if you can refer another B&B, you will go into the draw for US$100 and the big prize.
The prize details can be seen here, and if you want a bit more information just ask us, and we will add some more details to the web page.
In brief, you can have a US$6000 trip or $3000 in cash. You don't have to take a trip, you can have the money instead, so it is a pretty good prize.
And you get this just for referring a friend. Well, in fact, just one lucky person will get the prize. There will be a lucky draw for one member who refers a friend. Each friend you refer gives you one ticket in the draw, so the more friends you refer the more chances you have of winning the prize.
You can also EARN the same prize without relying on luck. If you want to be SURE of getting the trip you can earn it by referring the MOST friends in any three months before 31 May 2010. They need not be consecutive months, you just have to have referred a reasonable number in ANY three.
The best source of friends will be Bed & Breakfast owners in your locality, but you can write to others further afield, there is limit. We suggest you phone before emailing them so they don't think you are spamming them.
Just use our Refer a Friend form so that we can record who you have written to. You will find "Refer a friend" in the right hand column after you have logged in.
Have fun, refer a friend and you might win the big prize. Refer several and you might earn the prize for the most referrals. [/td][/tr][tr]
Matthew & Richard
Matthew Black & Richard Beaujolais
The Number 1 Bed & Breakfast Website
[email protected]

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